Summer Plans


Things have turned around for us here, which is wonderful. Tru’s eyes have cleared up enough that he was able to go to Astronomy Camp which is where he is right now. He left for camp on the 4th driving to Tucson with his Grandfather. He had a great time on their road trip, and then on the 5th he was delivered to camp at the University of Arizona  All the students and councilors had orientation and after that they drove up to Kitt peak where they will be staying. I haven’t heard from him, but I hope he is having a great time. I leave to pick him up on the 10th, and I can’t wait to see him.






Autry  had her vocal chords looked at by an ENT doctor yesterday. She was sure that there was damage on her vocal chords, but they looked great. They were swollen from the sore throat she has had for weeks, but there is no damage at all and she is all cleared to sing again. She is going to be starting speech therapy to learn how to talk in a way that is good for her vocal chords. She is looking forward to her speech therapy, and I think she is going to learn many good techniques to help her.


In other new we are leaving for Chicago in the third week of June. We will be staying through August 5th which is when Autry will be picked up from Interlochen. All the kids are looking forward to getting away for a while, and they plan to spend hours swimming, jumping on the trampoline, and eating ice cream. All in all we have a great summer planned, and we are all looking forward to it.


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