Summer Wrap-Up

photo 5 (2)

We made it home about a month ago. The drive home was fun, and although we all just wanted to be home, we took the time to see one museum every day. The first day we stopped in Hannibal Missouri to see the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum. It was not my favorite museum, I think they are a little underfunded, but the kids seemed to like it. By the time we left they all wanted to read a Mark Twain book, so it must have inspired them.

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The next day we stopped in Hays, Kansas to tour the Fort Hays historic site. This was my favorite stop along the way to California. The kids and I learned a good deal about the cavalry days in America history which we had never spent much time on before.





On our third day we made a lengthy stop in Albuquerque and explored the Old Town. We also visited the Art Museum’s outdoor garden. We love Old Town Albuquerque, and we seem to stop every time we go cross country. It is a great place to explore and stretch your legs.

photo (30)

photo (31)



That night we stayed at a historical hotel in Arizona called La Posada. La Posada was the last built Harvey Hotel, and it was a wonderful experience to stay the night in such a historical hotel. The kids an I loved exploring the hotel and the grounds.

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Once we made it home we needed several days to recoup. After relaxing for a few days we went down to my aunt and uncle’s house to visit all our cousins. It was a wonderful day of visiting, swimming, and tractor riding.

photo (23) photo (25)

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In other news we found out the cause of Autry’s sore throat/tiredness. She is severely anemic, and she also has some inflammation in her body. We are treating the anemia and already she seems to be perking up. We go back to have her blood drawn in a few months to see how her numbers are and to see if there is still inflammation in her body. I am so relieved that we got an answer to her issues, and I am very thankful that she is feeling better already. Hopefully this year will be better for her than last year.

photo (40)

Decca built up his collection of Three Investigator books this summer and has read several of them too. He picked up three of the German books that are used in Germany to teach English to the kids. He loves these books, although they are a little awkward to read. The character’s names are changed and there is some bad words in them, but Decca is plowing through them and learning a little German along the way. He has collected so many books this summer that I decided to buy him his own bookshelves. We are on a tight budget, so I decided to find some bookshelves on Craigslist. I found this pair of lawyer bookcases and surprised him with them one day. He was excited to have his own bookshelves.

photo 4

We will be starting our school year next week, but we will only be starting a few subjects the first few weeks. By September we will be on our full schedule. I have been spending the past few weeks trying to plan out everything, and I am still in the planning phase. I am hoping to have everything ready to go by this weekend. I am feeling a little overwhelmed by it all but I am always grateful that I am able to homeschool the kids.

I see the adults that the twins are turning into, and I am happy with who they are becoming. And I look at Decca and see what a unique, lovely child he is, and I am content. I feel that homeschooling has truly shaped these kids and our family, and I am so thankful that this is the path we have taken.

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