High School Homeschooling

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I have been officially homeschooling two high school students for four weeks now, and I am starting to feel that I have a good handle on it. All my worry over the past six months or so was really for naught, or maybe it served a purpose, as this year is turning out to be one of our best years yet. Regardless of whether all that worry played into our great year, I do feel that there are several other reasons as to why everything is going so swimmingly (And by the way I am knocking on wood through this whole post, as I don’t want to jinx my good luck).

You will learn!!  This is actually a clip from their latest movie, but I thought it went nicely with this post. :)

You will learn!!
This is actually a clip from their latest movie, but I thought it went nicely with this post. 🙂

1. The twins are enrolled in online classes for the first time this year – I felt that high school was the time to branch out into the online world of classes. The twins are enrolled in a french class with a teacher that meets twice a week. They are also in a writing class, and Tru is taking his Algebra 2 class online through CTY.

2.  Online classes are balanced with parent-led classes at home – The kids and I still enjoy learning together, and I especially treasure this time as I know in a few years it will be gone. It is a joy to discuss history and politics with them, to work through biology labs with them, and to learn Latin with them. Even helping them through Writing with Skill is a joy for me, although some days with Tru’s frustration it may not feel that way.

3. The twins have outside classes that they enjoy – High school is a time to discover and develop one’s passions through classes and lessons in the community. Autry is taking piano lessons and she is in a choir. Tru is getting involved with the local astronomy club. They are both taking guitar lessons, physical training, and they are in a teen book club. These classes also provide them with a social outlet which they both need.

4. The twins have a strong homeschool support group – This is crucial for them, and I am very satisfied with the group we are involved in. There are park days, social outings, and classes available. The teens in the group seem to all get along, and it is a very active and welcoming organization.

5. The twins and I are stressing the joy of learning over the stress of preparing for college – This was an important distinction that I made early on in planning for high school. Yes the kids will eventually head off to college and yes I want them prepared for that, but I also want teens who truly enjoy learning. Teens who find personal joy in reading, teens who feel they are learning because it is important and not so they can score high on a test, teens who are not stressed out by the demands of high school. I know so many parents and teens who are stressed through all four years of high school. I don’t want it to be like that for my kids.


This is what the high school years look like so far. It will most likely change as they get older, and I am prepared for some teen angst along the way that may change everything. But for now the twins are content with their freshman year, and I am content with our routine. I enjoy having them home, and I enjoy watching them grow up. I am thankful for this opportunity to learn along beside them and to guide them to adulthood.

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5 thoughts on “High School Homeschooling

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  2. I so happy you and the kids are having so much fun with high school. Isn’t that what’s all about? My daughter is enrolled in the new Time4Learning high school courses and really enjoys schooling online.

    Thanks so much for linking up this month. I look forward to reading your post next month.

    Let’s Homeschool High School Team Member

  3. Visiting from the Let’s Homeschool High School blog hop. Looks like you’ve got a great plan in place for high school! I agree with the approach of putting the emphasis on the joy of learning rather than making college the most important end goal.

  4. That’s great! I just graduated my daughter after homeschooling her just 5 short months. Now I’m homeschooling my middle grade and elementary school kids while also working outside the home. It’s been an adventure and we are truly enjoying it.

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