Geometric Art Project

DSCF6702I wanted to work on an art project with the kids this week, but I had no idea of what to do. I was pursuing the internet when I came across this fun geometric project. It seemed fairly simple, and I knew all three kids would enjoy working through it.

I headed off to the art store and purchased the required materials.


Then I found some old paint I had around the house to use as the base coat of the painting.

DSCF6645I set everything up on our table with a plastic tablecloth and then I took a moment to prepare myself for the upcoming art project. I love having the kids work on art, but the actual project seems to stress me out. Of course the twins are no problem now that they are older, but my youngest is still a handful. Anyway, after a moment of self-motivational talking, I called the kids in.

They started by painting a base coat on the canvas.


Lucky for me, my mom was around to help.


We let the base coat dry and then the kids laid down the tape in the pattern they wanted. I tried to help Decca with this step, but he didn’t need any assistance.


We also goofed off a little bit at this step in the project. Goofing off in optional.  🙂



The twins spent a good deal of time planning out this step. Autry took a minimalist approach, while Tru went in the opposite direction.



After this step the kids began painting inside their tape patterns. They mixed their paints to create whatever colors they needed for what they had in mind.


After letting this coat of paint dry the kids pealed the tape off to reveal the finished project.




They were all very happy with the finished painting.




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