A Great Idea…

9 17 13 057

I had a great idea that I wanted to try out this year. I thought the kids and I could go to the library twice a week and do school there. Our library recently completed a renovation and it is now a great place to hang out. It is in a wonderful location close to the beach with a nature trail, new reading/study areas, an expanded children’s section, a used library bookstore, wifi, and iPad s that you can borrow while at the library. It is also going to open a cafe soon, and once that is complete, I could see us spending hours there.

9 17 13 059

9 17 13 062

This morning, after the twin’s training session, we headed to the library. I was feeling great, thinking to myself how awesome it was going to be to study in a new location out of the house. We were driving up PCH, the ocean was beautiful, the kids were singing some jazz songs, life couldn’t be greater. We pulled into the parking lot and I was happy that it did not seem too crowded. The kids and I gathered all our backpacks out of the car and headed into the library. That is when the first thing went wrong.

The second we walked into the library they decided to have an emergency evacuation drill. All of the patrons had to evacuate the library which took quite a while. Then we had to stay outside while they checked the whole library. The entire process probably took twenty or thirty minutes, and the boys were so impatient during the whole thing. They wanted to go, and I should have listened, but I was determined to spend some time there. After all, in my mind, it was going to be great!

9 17 13 058

Alas I did make the kids stay and by the time we got in and settled everyone wanted to leave. Tru felt distracted by all the noises and people. Autry felt weird studying in a library. Decca was into it for a bit, but then he picked up on the twin’s angst. I decided to move to a different section to see if that would help.

9 17 13 064

It didn’t, but the twins were willing to read while Decca looked around. After reading for ten minutes we headed to the used library bookstore where we were looking for a few old books to make a kindle cover from. This instructable diy is going to be our project this week, so I thought we would at least accomplish this first step while we were there. The kids all found a book to use as a cover and Decca found a few extra to read.


I am not going to give up on this idea of  mine. I don’t know, maybe after homeschooling for years, I finally feel the need to get out more. After all the kids are so easy now (I love having older kids!) and I love the idea of getting a tea at the cafe and sitting around reading on my iPad while the kids do their work. Or maybe since they are older now I should leave the kids at home for a few hours and head to the library by myself. Quiet time, hot tea, a great view, what more could I want?

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