Weekly Update – Week 6

I am feeling a little under the weather today as are all  the kids. It seems appropriate that it is nearly fall, and we are experiencing our first cold. I almost feel that we seem to get  a cold whenever we are in need of a little break. We have all been working hard for six weeks and now we have a cold which forces us to pull back and rest.  As far as this week the kids accomplished quite a bit. Highlights include:

Decca worked on his own Mister Man books. He even wrote one titled Mr. TAD in honor of our blog.




He also worked through more of his weather unit from Moving Beyond the Page. The twins helped him with one of his projects, making an anemometer.




The twins worked on various experiments with the protozoa they grew. Again it mostly consisted of creating slides and observing under a microscope.




We made covers for our Kindles. This was a fun project for all of us.




The twins are still crazy about their French class. The teacher makes them laugh through all the lessons which they appreciate.  Overall they are both very happy with their work this year.



On Friday we had a bonfire at the beach with our homeschool group.




And this morning the twins went to an open house at a fencing studio. Their friends are members and invited the twins to try it out. Autry had so much fun. Tru lasted for a while and then went home sick.




Tonight we are all on the floor in the living room feeling sick. We have Midsommer Murders on and we are all drinking hot tea. It is cold enough outside that I have the fireplace going. It is a perfect night at home and one that I appreciate after a week full of activity.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Update – Week 6

  1. I hope you start feeling better soon! (hugs). Thank you for writing these updates…I look forward to them very much. And thank you so much for your encouraging and inspiring words earlier in response to my blog post. I really appreciate it! 🙂

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