Today at TAD Town

We are recovering from a wonderful camping trip the twins and I took with our homeschool group this weekend. It was quite fun and educational but very exhausting.






We are enjoying our Biology books that came in the mail this weekend. There is nothing like new books to revive a student’s interest in a subject (I am not going to name names but the student is very artistic and learns best with living books as opposed to textbooks).

photo (73)

I am in the midst of planning a costume party for Saturday. I decided to go with an Edgar Allen Poe theme this year, and  we are all having a good time planning the party.

photo (72)

Tru has decided to go as Poe, so we have been at thrift stores today trying to put together an outfit. So far we have the shirt and jacket. Luckily we have a few more days until the party.   🙂

photo (75)

This evening I am sitting at my desk writing this update and spending far too much time on Pinterest looking for ideas for our party. The twins are finishing up a lesson in Biology, and Decca is in the kitchen with my mom helping her cook.

photo (74)

 Kingsley is in there too although I am not sure his help is as welcomed.

photo (76)

In fact I am sure it is not! 😉

Happy Monday everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Today at TAD Town

    • We actually hired a group to plan activities for the kids. They did an astronomy walk, a tracking hike, fire making, and a camouflage game. It was so much fun!

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