Motivating Your Writer


I have two kids who love to write and one who struggles with it. In the beginning years my son and I would do most of his school orally to help him along. When he got older I slowly added more and more writing to his days to build up his confidence and stamina (he use to struggle with the physical act of writing). Now that we are in the high school years, he and his sister work on a great deal of academic writing, but I try to balance this writing with creative writing. The reason for this: I have learned over the years that this is best way to motivate my son and to build his confidence.

photo (81)

One of his favorite outlets for writing is RPG Maker. RPG maker is perfect for kids or teens who enjoy making video games and telling a story.

It also has the added bonus of importing your own graphics which is perfect for my son. He spends hours on his computer creating his own characters.

Twisted Mind Reborn RPG

Ultament Feind

If you are interested in RPG maker they do have free trials. I recommend trying it out first to make sure it is a good fit for your child because it is somewhat pricey.

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Another activity that motivates my son is group writing with his siblings and Google Drive. The kids have made some fairly complex stories together this way. If you are interested in learning about this method check out my previous post here.

The other activity we do is timed free writing based on a random prompt. We normally do this as a family, sitting around the table together with tea and muffins. I usually just make up a prompt, but yesterday I stumbled across this great Tumblr with writing prompts for teens.


I was so excited to use a new writing prompt. I made the kids some pumpkin muffins, the kids made tea, and we sat down to eat and write. I set a time limit because it seems to free the kids. They have the opportunity to write whatever they want about the topic in ten minutes. Then we share our writings with each other. Spelling doesn’t matter, grammar doesn’t matter, length doesn’t matter, it is just an exercise in getting down one’s thoughts and ideas. It is quite fun and another way I am able to motivate my son.


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