Edgar Allan Poe Costume Party

poe 2013 055

This weekend the kids and I hosted a costume party for our gifted group. We decided to have a costume party  where the kids could come dressed up as any historical or literary character. Tru decided to be Edgar Allan Poe, and this decision led to our theme, an Edgar Allan Poe party.

It took me a while to gather decorations for our theme. I searched online for ideas and went shopping at resale shops, costume stores, and Michaels.

photo (72)

I also used some items I had around the house such as old typewriters and a chalkboard. I aged a few copies of his poems, made up badges for the teams, and gathered candy, only black and white, for the party.




After gathering the materials, we set up in the party space. I was very lucky to have my mom and my good friend help with everything. I wouldn’t have been able to do it all without them.

poe 3

poe 1

poe 2

The kids played Poe-inspired games, danced to music, and had their photo taken in my DIY photo booth.

poe 2013 013

poe 2013 031

poe 2013 042

It was a fun night for all and one I hope to have again next year.

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