Weekly Update

We are now so far into the school year that I have lost track of what week we are on, and I feel good about that. The twins are still plugging along with everything although this week was somewhat slow because they were recovering from their costume party and other activities from last weekend. They worked on all their classes  at a somewhat slower pace, and Tru finished up another Great Courses class, this one on gravity. The Great Courses had another great sale this week, so we picked up his next course for him, this one on quantum mechanics.

Autry is also enjoying her course on opera, and when she is done she will be moving on to another course taught by her favorite Professor Greenburg, this time on solo piano works. She can’t wait to begin this course!

It is interesting to me to see how the twins both use these courses. Tru watches them at record speed absorbing all the information and then he moves on. He doesn’t take notes on the material, but he is learning it which amazes me. While he is learning from all these courses I also have him work through an astronomy book, and from this he takes notes, answers questions, and writes papers. Autry, on the other hand, watches her course with her iPad in hand taking extensive notes as she views the lectures, pausing often to get everything done. Then she researches the music on the internet, watching performances on YouTube. She also writes essays based on what she is learning, and these essays are quite good in that she develops a clear thesis and supports it with her extensive knowledge. I am so thankful for having this resource for the twins. They have been watching these courses since sixth grade, and they have learned so much from them. My hope is to begin Decca on some next year, but he is such a different kid that I am not sure that will work.

Speaking of my youngest, this week he continued plowing through Latin. He is now finishing week 14, and he is still having a great time with it. He finished working through reading Turtle in Paradise which he loved. Actually I was surprised at how much he loved it because I didn’t think it would interest him. He surprises me sometimes though in what he enjoys to read. He loved this story almost as much as A Long Way from Chicago which is another story that takes place in the depression. Also this week Decca finished another Three Investigators, worked through Treasure Island, and read a few Scooby Doo books for pleasure.

photo112 1

We found a new music teacher at the start of the year and now all three kids are working with him. Autry and Decca are on piano and Tru is on guitar. They all click with their new teacher and they all respond to his teaching methods which is wonderful. Having kids who are 2E and one who has a few physical delays, it is wonderful to find a teacher who has the patience and understanding for that. He makes me so thankful for all the amazing teachers out there.

Other highlights from the week…

Decca began Beautiful Feet’s geography program. I did this with the twins many years ago, and I loved it so much that I wanted to do it with Decca too. He enjoyed reading the first story, Paddle to the Sea, working on his map, and researching Canadian Geese.


He also watched part one of the movie Paddle to the Sea. He wanted to watch more, but I asked him to wait until we read more of the book.

He also made some drawings of some characters this week. Here is The Raven.


The twins began their biology coloring book. Tru was quite embarrassed to be working in a coloring book, but once he spent some time reading through it he realized it was at quite a high level. Still he was not too happy about it, but Autry enjoyed it. It was a nice break from their regular biology work.



Autry also spotted a praying mantis outside our house this week, and she pointed it out to me, because she thought I would like it. My girl knows me well! It was not the usual green but a yellow which we hardly ever see.


Now Friday is coming to an end. Decca is watching BrainPop videos, Tru is working on writing, and Autry is sitting next to me eating an early dinner. I am looking forward to the quietness of the weekend. On Sunday we are going to the theater to watch The Magic Flute being performed by the Salzburg Marionette Theater which should be entertaining.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. Autry pointed me to your blog on Instagram and I am glad she did. I love that Biology coloring book! I didn’t know you had Decca! We thought it was just Tru and Autry. A great week.

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