Back to School

Today is our first day back to school after the long holiday. The twins are working hard, mostly independently, and Decca and I are trying to get back into the swing of things. We started our day with a long walk through the nature preserve by our house. He and I have been doing this little ritual for a while now, and it is so special to me. I love to walk with him and spend this time with him.



After our walk and a nice healthy breakfast he and I started off reading Navigating Early which is the January Arrow book for Brave Writer. We both like it so far which is a pleasant surprise as I wasn’t sure it would be enjoyed. Following the reading and the work in the Arrow we moved on to his science, which is a revisit to snap circuits.



He has always had a few of the smaller kits, but he never worked through any of the advanced ones. This year for Christmas he received this kit, and he wanted to start it on the first day back to school. He worked through several experiments in the kit and we watched the Bill Nye episode on electricity. He was so enthusiastic and had so much fun!!

It was a joy to see him working through everything with so much passion. It made me wish he felt like that about more of our subjects, and it gave me pause in regards to next year’s plans. Passion is going to be the key to my planning.

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