As many of you know, my youngest son is crazy about Scratch. He spends a good deal of time on it making both games and cartoons. His work has always been well-received, but he never had a feature project which has been a dream of his for a while now. Well that dream became a reality this weekend when his latest game, Scratchtown 2became featured.

He was so excited to have a featured game, and we are all proud of him. He works hard on his Scratch games and he seems to get better with the programming every day. If you have a child who is interested in computers, video games, math, or logic then they might like Scratch. Check it out if you haven’t already as it might end up being a favorite activity. And if your child is on Scratch and has an account let us know in the comments. The boy is always looking for new friends on Scratch to follow and for new projects to view. Thanks!

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