Sketches from the Girl

The girl has been spending a good deal of time sketching lately. It seems her art class has spurred on a new interest in drawing. I flipped through her sketch book today and wanted to share a few of her drawings.

photo 3 (27)

photo 1 (33)

photo 2 (32)

 I love seeing her work because they remind me a great deal of my brother’s work when he was young, especially this one of Tru.


I myself have no drawing ability at all. When I was little I thought I was adopted because all of my brothers could draw but I couldn’t. It didn’t quite seem fair to my younger self, but now I can say with 100% certainty that I wasn’t adopted. Looking at my daughter’s drawings proves it to me. 🙂

One thought on “Sketches from the Girl

  1. She is good! So glad you shared them. Thank you! I too have felt like the odd one out…an artsy person in a family of engineering/ science heads. But I look at kiddo and see a replica of my dad and bro. So yeah, I guess I wasn’t adopted either. 😛 Oh, and I think she has your smile too you know. 🙂

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