Checking In…

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I have been missing in action here at TadTown for a little while now, but I am going to try to make an effort and get back on track with my posts. Life has thrown us a few curve balls lately, and the kids and I have been trying to stay on top of everything which hasn’t left much time for anything else.

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Through it all the kids have been plugging along with their school work. The twins are nearing the end of their studies this year and overall they have had a positive experience with their first year of high school. I believe the kids had the right balance of online classes and at-home classes. Next year they will have a similar balance of classes because I strongly believe that if something works don’t mess with it.



The twins have also begun fencing, and I am so surprised at how much they love it. It has been such a positive addition to their routine and they are both so psyched about fencing. It is wonderful to see them both so excited about something new, and it is wonderful that they have a shared passion.

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Decca has also been plugging along with everything although most of his studies are now interest led. He reads often, works on his Scratch projects (his newest is ScratchTopia), writes, and animates. In between all this I try to sneak in a few math lessons here and there. Math is not a favorite subject for him, but I encourage him to keep working at it. Slow and steady is our math motto and I believe it will be that way throughout his school years.



One thought on “Checking In…

  1. Thanks so much for these updates. I, for one, know how much energy is needed to keep on blogging. And kudos to you for keeping it together despite life’s curve balls. I hope everything is okay. Hugs!

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