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My youngest son has been interested in animation for as long as I can remember. He has also been interested in my animation class I took at UCSB way back when. He wanted to know what I learned, what I studied, and what projects I worked on. I don’t remember too much from the class (honestly I only took it to meet a requirement for my degree in film studies), but the one project I did remember was the red ball project.

Every student in the class had to make their own short (only a few seconds) animation featuring a red ball. There were no other requirements, so every student had very different interpretations. My own creation was about a fisherman who is eaten by a fish.

The boy has always wanted to see my short animation, and he always wanted to see the drawings that made it up. The past few weeks we have been moving to a new place and I have been going through long forgotten boxes as part of the move. In one box I discovered all my old college books, writings, and at the very bottom of the box, my drawings for the red ball project. Decca was so excited to finally see them!

There were 42 drawings, a storyboard, and a sheet in which I wrote out how many frames of each drawing had to be taken. I explained that in the days before iPads, DSs, and different apps for animating, a person had to plan how many shots of each frame were necessary for the animation. He found that very fascinating.

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Not included with all this though was a copy of the finished project. Fortunately for us, Decca had his DS available and he and I sat down to capture each drawing and then put it into his stop motion program.

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He and I were both happy with the finished project. It was a very quick animation but it was so much fun to finally see after all these years. And it has inspired both of us to work on more animating projects in the future.


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