Weekly Happenings

The girl has been working on her art this week. She went with my mom down to the studio several times which she enjoys. I appreciate that she has a place to go to be creative. Here is some of her latest work:

photo 2 (72)

photo 4 (25)

photo 5 (17)

photo 1 (67)


The younger boy has been up to his usual happenings. He wrote a Scooby Doo book this week, made several Scratch projects, and read several books including The Spy Catchers of Maple Hill.



If you are looking for a fictional book to go along with the study of the Red Scare and McCarthyism in America this is the book you want. We picked it up for the mystery aspect but it reads like a historical fiction book and covers a time period that is often overlooked in children’s books. The pacing is a little slow and Hazel, the main protagonist, was not my favorite character, but overall the boy has enjoyed it, and he is learning about this fascinating time period in American history.

Our pumpkins

Our pumpkins

He and I have also been working on our garden. Because we live in an apartment all of our gardening happens in pots and earlier this week we had this conversation:

Decca “Can plants be planted in grassy areas.”
Me (half listening) “I am not sure what you mean.”
Decca “Could we plant our plants in the ground?”
Me “Are you serious?”
Decca “Like all our pumpkins growing on the porch…could they be growing in the ground instead of in pots.”
Me (Thinking this kid has been living the apartment life for too long and perhaps it is time to move to the country.) “Of course…didn’t you know that.”
Decca “I wasn’t sure.”

Luckily we have many friends and family with actual gardens, and we are going to spend some time in them this summer. He needs to be set straight on this. 🙂


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