Creating Two Rooms out of One



The kids and I downsized a great deal when we moved in April. I wanted to simplify our lives, get rid of clutter, and pay less rent. Because of this we lost a good deal of square footage and I had to get creative with space.

One problem I faced was that my youngest son needed a bedroom, a space of his own, but in our new place we were short a bedroom. Our living room was a fairly large room though, so I decided to turn the space into a cozy living room and a bedroom for the boy.

It took me a few weeks of researching, purchasing, and rearranging to get a space I was happy with. I decided to use IKEA Billy bookcases to wall out our living room and to separate the two spaces.



I still needed a wall for the front of the boy’s space and decided to go with the Nomad system which I discovered online after days and days of searching. I am very happy with this product as it was easy to put up, works great, and is fun to look at. The boy loves it!


photo 1 (70)

We lined the back of the bookcases with removable wallpaper to make it a little nicer for the boy. He chose an ocean wave pattern in blue.


The boy and I really like the way everything turned out, and all of us are all surprised by how much more we like our smaller space.

One thought on “Creating Two Rooms out of One

  1. Such a fantastic use of space. And I love your sectional too. Looks so comfy! We will need to downsize too with our move so I understand the need for creativity.

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