2014-2015 Education Plan for the Girl


Today I want to highlight the girl’s plan for the coming year. Some classes she will share with her twin brother, and others will be unique to her and her talents and interests. 

English – She will be joining her brother and I in our study of British Literature. She will also be self-studying, with my help, for the English AP which I have no doubt at all that she can do. She is an amazing writer, especially academically, and I hope she enjoys the challenge of working hard in this area this year. 

ap english

Someone asked me for a list of the twin’s books that we will be reading this year. I do not have it all put together yet, but here is a link to our Goodreads shelf if you are interested in what we have planned so far. 

Math – The one subject that does not interest her at all is math. Last year she worked independently through Teaching Textbooks, and that was a disaster. This year I decided an online class would be much better for her, so  I signed her up at MyHomeschoolMathClass. I have heard nothing but praise for these classes, and the girl is actually somewhat excited about math this year. Honestly I couldn’t ask for more than that. 

Science – She will be working through physics with her brother. If you missed the post on his plan, they will be using  Kinetic Physics and several courses from The Great Courses. This course they will be primarily doing on their own.

History – History is one of the twin’s favorite subjects, and they especially love European History. This year they will both be taking AP European History through Harari College. This class will be challenging, but I think she will enjoy the challenge. 

Foreign Languages – Also through Harari the girl is taking Italian. She has been in the class all summer, and she is already speaking and writing at a high level. She loves her teacher and the format of the class. Because there are only two students, she learns at a very fast pace. Her and I are both so grateful for Harari and her Italian class. 

She will also be continuing with French with her brother. She has an ear for languages, and she and her brother love their French class. Also she is hoping to go to University in Europe. The more languages she knows the better it will be for her, so I feel this is an important part of her studies. 

photo 1 (82)

Art – She, like her brother, works with her grandmother on art once a week. She also spends most of her free time drawing and sketching. She will continue working on art this year at a more serious level then her brother in hopes of taking the AP next year in studio art. She hasn’t decided whether she wants to pursue art at the AP level, but I want her prepared in case she does. 

Music – She will continue with piano for the year, and depending on what level she gets to, she may begin organ. The girl is hoping to begin her organ studies this year, perhaps around January. The organ requires a more attuned level of skill because it is truly a multi-task instrument hence the need to be prepared. 

In addition to all of this she will most likely be in a bookclub with her brother and I. She is also a member of the OC Astronomer’s Group which she and her brother have been part of for nearly a year now. The group holds monthly lectures, which the twins always find engaging. The group also has star parties and other activities that they can take part in. 

Her year looks challenging, but I know it will work out for her. She is the type of person who needs to keep busy and who needs to be challenged. This schedule meets both of those needs. 

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