Updates and the youngest boy


It has been quite a while since I have posted here. As most of you know we had a difficult summer, and I found it hard to come here and write. The good news is we found out that the eldest boy does not have a connective tissue disorder. We found out two weeks ago and have been getting our lives back on track ever since. It is amazing how a medical issue can take over everything so quickly, but I am happy to be back to our old life and routine.


The twins are hard at work on their school year. We had a few changes from the original plan I posted earlier. One major change was that I enrolled the boy in a pre-calculus class as it was too hard a subject to work on independtly. The twins also switched their science from physics to chemistry as the physics curriculum was a bust, and they both realized they would rather work on chemistry this year. Besides these few changes everything seems to be working out great, and we are especially enjoying our British Literature course (I say we because I am reading the books along with them). The twins have read Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Canterbury Tales, and the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. They have also been writing a number of essays this year, and I am both amazed and thankful at how quickly they are getting through them now and how mature their writing has become.


I realize that I never shared my year plan for the youngest boy. The reason behind this is that I don’t have a concrete plan for him. My approach to his schooling is very different to the twins because he is a very unique learner. He is a 2e kid, and because of this I have to approach his schooling in a very different way. Too much work or structure has him frustrated, too little also leads to frustration. Therefore I strive for a balance. He needs a good deal of time for his own projects, but he needs some formal curriculum and a schedule to keep him happy.


Currently he is working on Scratch games and animations, writing books, and creating his own languages. I add to this by having him work on his basic math skills using this great little book from Rod and Staff, and I have him work on his language arts with Bravewriter. This year he is not only working through issues of the Arrow, but he is also taking some of their classes which we are both very happy with.

As far as science and math the boy primarily watches Brainpop movies and then works through some of their worksheets they have online. We add documentaries and books to this and call it a day. He is studying American history and astronomy right now, and these resources seem to work best for him.

wood mysterious howling

In addition to everything else the boy discovered that he actually likes audiobooks. He has been listening to them around the clock while he works on other projects. His favorite series so far this year has been The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, and now that he has finished that series we are looking for another one.

Hopefully I will be updating the blog more now that I have time. I actually missed being here, missed thinking about homeschooling, and missed reading other blogs. I am appreciative to have the time to be back here again.

One thought on “Updates and the youngest boy

  1. Thanks for the update. I’m happy to hear the good news regarding your eldest boy. Just in case your kids are interested, I wanted to send an invite to you for Speaker’s League. Alex attends the Lake Forest group (Fullerton too) and it could use support. Here’s info. Kay

    FREE TRIAL CLASSES – PUBLIC SPEAKING Feel free to crosspost. Homeschool Speakers League clubs provide an environment where children can develop public speaking and leadership skills. Though mentored by adults who conduct periodic training segments, the meetings are run by the kids themselves. The meeting format includes rotating opportunities for extemporaneous speaking, prepared speeches, peer evaluation, meeting management, and support roles. Clubs meet twice a month.

    You can visit and observe, or participate, in up to two meetings at no charge. Stop by one of their 11 clubs in Southern California to see if Speakers League might be a good fit for your child(ren).

    As long as there is space available in the club, children can join any time throughout the school year. The club is recommended for kids aged 10-18, though serious minded younger ones are welcome, too.

    We are an approved vendor for Sky Mountain, Golden Valley, and Excel, (and National University Academy and Springs, soon), and elements of the curriculum can check off many of their Common Core requirements.

    Lake Forest (1st and 3rd Tuesday morning 11:00 to 12:30)

    Read FAQs, watch videos, learn about each club, and more, at http://HomeschoolSpeakersLeague.com.

    For more information, contact Julia Morgan 310-528-7369 or julia@speakersleague.com

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