SEA Homeschoolers Teen Book Club

The twins are running a book club this year. Watch the video for more information and head over to SEA to sign up.

SEA Homeschoolers - Secular, Eclectic, Academic

11845037_10153129649280922_5640167580781335438_oOne of the foremost objectives of the SEA homeschooling community is to connect not only parents but homeschooling teens and kids in a constructive, educational, and academic atmosphere. That being said, our mother, SEA’s own Jill Harper, has been working for the past few months on creating a platform for SEA’s teens to meet, talk, and form friendships under just such conditions. As a result, we have set up an asynchronous teen book club that is scheduled to last the entire school year. A book club is the perfect platform to connect teen homeschoolers. By its nature, it gets members talking amongst themselves and thereby better acquainted. But rather than being just a social venue, it is also a place where serious, informed discussion can occur.

This is an essential point, as SEA stresses collective learning and the nurturing of personal ideas, interpretations, and philosophies. The books that we will be…

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