High School Year 1

It's about starting over andcreating something better.

The youngest one is starting his high school years this year. Because he is my youngest, and I have been through this twice before, I feel so much more sure of my decisions this time around. And I feel so much more prepared.

The boy is going to be doing a mix of online classes, classes at home, and activities in the community. He has a full schedule but I do feel that is exactly what he needs. Here is what we have planned:

English – Blue Tent Honors English 1

Math – Key to Algebra

Science – High School Chemistry in the Kitchen

Social Studies – AP Human Geography

Foreign Language –  Latin 1 from the Well Trained Mind Academy

Art – The Drawing Course Level 1 and 2 

Music – Introduction to Music Theory from the Well Trained Mind Academy

English, Latin, Music Theory, and Drawing are online classes that are with a live teacher. Math, Science, and AP Human Geography are classes we will do at home. The AP Human Geography is a course I designed and had approved by the College Board, so I will be able to list it as an AP course on his transcript.

In addition to his formal classes, the boy will be taking drum lessons, participating in band, and taking private music production lessons.

I wanted to get a head start on documenting the boy’s high school years so I have already created his transcripts (without the grades) for his first year. This is a much easier process this time around. He also started The Coalition App so that he may place items in his locker over the next four years. As a creative student, having a virtual place to keep work samples, whether it be a drawing, a music piece, an essay sample, or a film he made, is a bonus. He will be able to store the items and submit them if necessary when he applies to college.

So that is his year in a nutshell. I’ll try to update as the year  progresses especially if there are any changes. Until then…

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