Decca's latest movie

My son loves to make movies with his Uncle Jesse. We recently had a visit from Jesse, and the two of them got creative. Decca makes up some plot (although I am never sure what is going on), and Jesse goes along with it. I think he even encourages him some. Anyway this film was quite entertaining, especially if you like boy humor. Check it out, I guarantee you will laugh!

(Below quoted from my brother’s blog)

DECCA’S LATEST OPUS (isn’t that a penguin?)

Decca stars in and directs his adaptation of ‘Monster Farm’ which maybe a game, I’m not sure…Where else can you have all the adventure and drama of ‘Yeti Mountain,’ ‘Butt Fighting’ and ‘Gandmaw’ all under 5 minutes…We are also having a special promotion…if you are able to follow Decca’s plot and storyline, you win a ‘walk on’ in his next production…

And for anybody who thought we don’t have hillbillies in L.A….just check out all the stray cats, garden hoses and random punching bags in the backyard!

Truffaut and foreign films

My son Truffaut
Francois Truffaut

My oldest son is named Truffaut, after Francois Truffaut. I remember that fateful day when I was 18. I was taking my very first film class at Pasadena City College. It was titled Film as Literature, and the only reason I took it was that it met a requirement. I walked into class thinking this would be the easiest way to get an A. I left the class a few months later completely transformed. I suddenly had such a passion for films, and I decided then and there I would major in film. I also decided, after being introduced to the French New Wave and the film The 400 Blows, that I would name my first son Truffaut. I was young and truly amazed at the films that I had been exposed to.  I thought it would be so cool to use the name Truffaut. My son has not always agreed (can you blame him?).

His first year of life we called him Truffaut, which got shorten to Truffie, and then finally to Tru. He likes Tru, he can live with Tru. And that’s fine with me, although secretly  I was hoping that one day he would start to use Truffaut. I was also hoping that he would some day love films as much as me, specifically foreign films. After trying to expose him to various foreign films, and educating him on just how cool it was to be named Truffaut, he finally found a film that he loved and that spurred his interest. That film was Vitus.


Vitus was made in 2006 and is about a gifted child and the pressures he is under. The film captured my son immediately and held his attention throughout. That is quite an accomplishment, considering my son was 8 at the time, and the film was foreign and not animated. I think it was the story that got his interest, and it was some of the images in the film that kept his interest. He made me play one scene over and over. It was where the main character and his friend were riding on their bicycles. Every time Vitus rides by you hear classical music, and when his friend rides by you here rock music. Tru thought that was very interesting. This filmed opened Tru up to the idea that foreign films are interesting and enjoyable. After watching this, we went on to watch numerous foreign films. Some he likes, some he finds incredibly boring, but he gives them all a chance.

As for his name? He has started to recently tell people that his name is Truffaut, “you know after the film director Francois Truffaut. ” Most of his friends have no idea who he is talking about, but that’s okay. He thinks it’s a pretty cool name to have.