One Lone Suitcase

We have been back from vacation for a month now. I have had 30 days to unpack and get us back on schedule and I have been quite successful at this task, with one exception.

This pathetic suitcase has been sitting in the corner of my bedroom ever since we came back. I don’t know why I never got to unpacking. I guess it just had the horrible luck of being the last suitcase (out of 7) to get my attention and it didn’t seem to have anything that important inside. So there it sat, in the corner of my room. Every time I walk in I see it, every time I leave I see it, but I never do anything about —until today that is.

I decided to finally get that ugly suitcase off my floor, so I emptied it on my bed and then promptly shoved the suitcase under my bed. Looking at the contents I can ┬áhonestly say I am a horrible packer, and I probably didn’t unpack until now because there wasn’t much in it.

This is what I had in the suitcase. Some vintage material that I picked up, a sketchbook of Decca’s, a hero factory instruction manual, a vintage cup that belongs with the other four cups already in my cabinet, my bathing suit, a book I picked up for the kids (Help! I’m a Prisoner in the Library!) which is fitting actually: it could have read, “Help! I’m a Prisoner in the Suitcase! and a razor and some deodorant.

Decca in his demon mask

The suitcase also held my son’s demon mask (what, doesn’t everybody travel with their demon mask?). I am guessing that is why the TSA decided to search the bag and leave a notice to me, which you can see in the pic.

At the bottom of the suitcase I found this wonderful picture that Autry drew on our trip. I had to save it, after all it is not too often that someone refers to me as a queen!

Summer Theme – Changes

So there has been a good deal of changes going on here this summer, and all I can say is that we have had no time to homeschool, although we have done plenty of learning. We are in the middle of moving, and I just have no energy to write a long blog post. Hopefully sometime next week I will be able to post about some of our changes and what we will be working on next year.

For know I thought I would just post some pics of what we have been up to lately.

Tru's good friend Joaquin visited us for a week. They had so much fun!

Autry played Beethoven in a play.

You can see her solo here.

Callie packed herself in a box. She must have been worried that we would leave her behind.

Decca has been practicing piano with a baseball bat.

Truffaut has spent a good deal of the summer "thinking" as he says. He hates to be interupted when he is "thinking".

Autry has been making lots and lots of movies.

And Decca has decided he likes to put on his own suntan lotion.