Happy 4th Birthday to our wonderful dog Kingsley!

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The oldest boy wanted a dog for so long, but I put it off for many years because I had my hands full with three young children. When the twins turned ten though I felt it was time, and I am so glad I made that decision.


Kingsley has made our family complete. He cuddles, plays, and comforts us all. He is there to welcome us home when we have been gone for the day, he is protective of the family, he is funny and laid back. Basically Kingsley has been great.



Thank you Kingsley for being a part of our family.

National Dog Day


Thanks to the wonder that is Facebook, I found out that today is National Dog Day. I had no idea that the day even existed, but being that we are a dog family, I decided we would celebrate this day.

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Of course Kingsley is much-loved around here and he is somewhat spoiled. Today we will spoil him even more with a new toy and an extra long walk. In addition the kids and I are going to gather up some old towels and blankets to take to the local animal shelter.

Would you like to celebrate National Dog Day? Here is a link to the official page for ideas on how to celebrate.

And remember to give your dog some extra hugs today. Happy National Dog Day!