Weekly Report

There seems to be less and less to report. It is funny how we just putter out as it gets closer to summer. The kids just want to be playing all day long now, whether inside or out.

We started the week with a fun field trip to The Ocean Institute. The institute tied in nicely with our Sea and Sky readings, and it was a great way to spend a Sunday. We also did some work this week….


Tru loves derivatives. He likes to look at the weekly video at Headventure Land.

Latin – Tru completed chapter five in Latin for Children and began chapter six. He did great with his review chapter and when he played Latin Dash at Headventure Land he scored an A which he was happy about. He also likes making a Latin name every time he plays that game. He has decided he likes the name Trurius although I prefer Tru.

Math – Tru continues working through Singapore 4B. We are on lesson 23, and it has been smooth sailing. He loves Singapore and has very little trouble with it. We also began going through Math-U-See Delta again to help him with his division skills. He did Delta this week instead of his Life of Fred because I noticed he had forgotten the steps in division. We are just reviewing for a couple of weeks, and then it is back to Fred for him.

Reading: Tru is trying to finish his Harry Potter book by next week, so he has been reading quite a bit this week.


Latin – We did two chapters in Song School Latin this week, chapters 14 and 15. He enjoyed these chapters because they have to do with animals. Decca has insisted in doing his work this week in a brown colored pencil. His sibblings also taught him the signs for male and female, and he is writing it all over his work. I am not sure why that interests him, but I find that I often do not understand Decca!

Math – We have finally gotten to something that interests him in Singapore: multiplication. He loves it! We are working on that, and I came across a Miquon book that my friend gave me, and there is similar multiplication concepts in there, so he is also working on that. He loves to figure out a problem like 4+4+4+4+4 is the same as 5X4 which means 5 groups of 4 which is 20.

Language Arts – Decca is working steadily in Explode the Code 5, although I can tell he is burned out with phonics. I think next week will be our last week in this book for a while. I am having him read everyday for at least 10 minutes, which is very hard for him because there is so much more he could be doing instead. I am encouraging him though and trying to find books that interest him. I am hoping to have him reading for twenty minutes a day by the end of summer. That might be a crazy goal though!

Sea and Sky – We are still reading Revenge of the Whale, although it is getting a little intense. The boys do love it though, and I find I am the one having trouble with it. I had to skip the whole part on how they butcher a whale, and I know that I will be skipping over more parts as we go along. I absolutely refuse to read about how the men had to eat each other, although Tru will rolls his eyes at me and tell me that was real life. That may be true, but I don’t want to read about it!

I found a great old film (from the 1970’s) on Untied Streaming called Had You Lived Then: Life in the Eastern Seaport Town 1870. The film may have been a little cheesy, but it seemed to capture the time, and it tied in nicely with the topic of whaling, so I recommend it. Also in Sea and Sky we learned more about the science of the ocean, talking about the ocean currents, winds, and undersea mountain ranges. We also read up on the earliest sailors, and the very first boats that were constructed. Overall it was a very interesting week.


Autry finished a report on the Transcontinental Railroad that she had been working on for months at school. I am so glad that is over as it was stressing us out. She did great on it though, and I was proud of her because she did almost the entire thing on her own. I am trying to encourage her now to not come to me with her homework, but to instead try to finish it by herself. This was very hard when she first started school because she was not accustom to homework as there is no homework in homeschool. Now that the year is coming to an end I can tell she is starting to take responsibility for her work, and that is great to see because next year she will have even more, and I want her to be able to handle it.

In other news Autry had a very exciting day yesterday. A play was being performed at her school on The Great Horn Spoon (one of our all time favorite books), and they needed two kids to fill in for two parts. She got to play one of the parts, and she was so excited. It really made her day!

And that is our week in review.

Weekly Report

This week we spent a good deal of time outdoors.

There is getting less and less to report, and I think that is a good sign that we are getting ready for a much needed break. The weather is beautiful, and I find ourselves being pulled outside more and more lately. On top of that I am in the mood for field trips, so the kids and I have been out of the house a good deal this week. We spent much of our time swimming, going on bird walks, and going to Disneyland. Somewhere in between all that we did manage to get some work done.

One of our nature walks this week.

Autry loves to swim. She takes it very seriously.

Tru likes to have splash fights with friends.

And Decca spent much of his time trying to make the biggest water volcano.

Tru worked through a chapter of Latin for Children, and for the first time he did all the worksheets for the chapter. Normally he does not like doing these, but ever since we started playing at Headventure Land his interest in Latin has increased. He is a much more willing student these days, and I think he actually enjoys doing the work now. Tru is continuing working through Singapore 4b (still on decimals) and Life of Fred. He is on the bridge in Life of Fred for chapters 1-24. He doesn’t like the bridges, but they are an essential part of the program. Hopefully he will pass it on the first try. In Language Arts, we have access to K12, but we do not have our supplies yet, so we have not been able to begin. Tru is so sad about that (sarcasm).

Decca continued this week with nearly everything he did last week. He worked through ETC 5, Language Lessons, Math-U-See, Singapore, and Song School Latin. He is so happy that he is almost done with most of these books and can’t wait until our break starts. He will continue Latin and reading through the summer, everything else he will take a break from.

We continued with Sea and Sky and are enjoying it immensely. I think because we are just taking it easy and reading whatever we get to, the program is very relaxing. This week we learned about the temperature of the oceans, the density of the oceans, and the salinity of the oceans. In addition we studied the bottom of the ocean and read up on the fish that are located in the deep ocean. We continued the history of boats and navigation and watched a wonderful movie on the Egyptians (Building Pharaoh’s Ship: Nova). It ties in nicely to week three of Sea and Sky, and I highly recommend it.  You can watch it on Netflix watch instantly. Tru read Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Big Blue Ocean and Decca read Latitude and Longitude to go along with our studies. I also rented a great movie from the library called Longitude that I highly recommend for older students. It is the story of John Harrison who tries to solve the problem of measuring longitude at sea. The film also tells the story of  Rupert Gould and his attempt to restore the clocks that Harrison had built. Tru enjoyed the film, although there were a few parts we skipped (mostly dealing with the characters and their marital problems). Overall it was a great week for our ocean studies.

On a sad note, we lost one of our cats this week. His name was Butter, and he was Tru’s cat. He had been with us since Tru was 3. Butter was an outdoor cat, and he always wanted out. He was never happy inside, and one night we let him out, and he never came back. I think a coyote probably got him, but we will never know for sure.  Butter wasn’t considered to be the best cat; he peed everywhere but the litter box, and he always was getting stung by bees (I think he liked to eat them). We called him Mr. PeeBody, ButterMan, and my husband (it was a running joke). But he was a member of our family, we loved him, and we will miss him.

And that is our week in review.

Butter on the left with our other cat Callie.

Autry made this in memory of him.

Latin Fun

The kids are doing Latin this year, and they are really enjoying it. We are using Song School Latin and Latin for Children. I have been very impressed with both of these programs, and the kids have been working through them steadily and without complaint. Classical Academic Press is a great company, and I think the kids like the creative element that they add to Latin. The twins  like watching the lessons on DVD, and especially get a kick out of the short video segment How the West was Unus. Decca, who responds to music, is learning a great deal with Song School Latin. Listening to the songs works for him, and he is retaining the vocabulary, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

Recently the kids have discovered the videos and games at Headadventure Land, a great website where you can practice your Latin.  Classical Academic Press has done a great job with this website, and I appreciate how the subject of Latin (which can seem very boring with some of the programs out there) cones to life in a very modern and creative way. The videos are well done and interesting, and the game provides much needed practice on the vocabulary. I love that you can pick which chapter to practice; this is a great feature. I hope that Classical Academic Press continues to add to this website with more games, stories, and videos in the future (my daughter is anxiously awaiting for the next chapter of A Tale of Two Princesses), and I hope other homeschool curriculum providers follow their lead and make learning more modern, creative, and interactive for this young generation.