Christmas Recital


Autry had a recital this morning. The students had to perform in groups for this recital, so together they sang Silent Night (which Autry arranged) and How Can I Keep From Singing.

It was a wonderful day. The girls all sounded beautiful, and they had a great time performing.

You can read more about my daughter and her singing adventures at her blog, Teenage Opera Singer.

Silent Night

My daughter has spent the last month and a half working on her first arrangement. She arranged Silent Night for four voices, with four base tones that broke into two main lines, both in a soprano/second soprano range. They rehearsed it today for the very first time. I was amazed at how beautiful it was and decided to share it with you all.


Another success for Decca

Performing "Oh No" his own composition

Decca had another success this weekend, and I am so proud of him. He participated in a recital in front of  a hundred people, most of them strangers. This is a huge accomplishment for him as a year ago he was only talking to a handful of people. He would have never had the strength to do this. Music however seems to speak directly to him, and he has found his passion. He plays the piano almost all day (it actually starts to drive the twins crazy after a while LOL), and he was determined to do this recital.


Humming "Factory Chop"



It was hard for him especially when he hummed another song he wrote “Factory Chop”. He turned red and for a brief moment I thought he might start crying while he was up there at the mic, but he got to the end. He then did one more song at the piano before running back to me. He forgot to bow, but I reminded him, and he went back up with a smile on his face while everyone clapped.

We have been so blessed to find the piano teacher that works with Decca. Special need kids are her passion, and although Decca has never muttered a single word to her she has been able to work with him. I am very thankful for her, as I am sure all the parents at the recital were. There were blind students, down syndrome students, and students with turrets all performing at the concert. They were all wonderful, and I was so happy to be there to see them all.


The twins and a friend were there supporting Decca.



Autry playing her cello

Autry has decided to take up the cello, and I couldn’t be happier. I spent most of my childhood playing instruments, and I was in orchestra from fourth grade until tenth. I never played the cello, I started on viola and then moved onto the bass, but I love the cello. I  remember enough about how to play that I am able to help her. I still have a bass in storage, and I am going to get it out, so we can play together.

Practicing on her cello

Practicing on her cello

Decca has started taking piano. He is working with a great teacher who is very patient and understanding. It can be hard because he has selective mutism, but she is able to work with him, and he loves it. He practices everyday, and he seems happy to have his own lessons.

Decca practicing on the piano.

Decca practicing on the piano.