We flew to Chicago on Friday. We were suppose to leave LAX at 4:00. Instead our flight got cancelled twice, and we didn’t get on a plane until 7:30. We got to Chicago at 1:30 in the morning. It was not a fun day of travelling. However we woke up to a wonderful sight.

It did not last long, only an hour or so, but it was a wonderful surprise. It was not supposed to snow, and I told the kids not to get their hopes up for snow while we are here. As Autry was going to sleep she asked about whether it would snow, and I said no. She said she was going to pray for it to snow sometime while we were on our vacation.

The kids were so happy and excited when they looked out the window on our first morning here. It was magical. We immediately got dressed and went outside to explore.

Catching Snowflakes

Tru in the snow

It is now the next day, and it is sunny and warm. The snow is already melting, already a distant memory. It may not snow again while we are here, but that is all right. We had our first snowfall, and it was wonderful.