Tea Time


We have incorporated tea time into our homeschool routine since the twins were five and the boy one. It is not something we do consistently, but it is something we do enough for it to feel like part of our homeschool life. Lately though everyone has been so busy with their own academics that we have not had time to sit together and enjoy an afternoon break with good books and treats.

Luckily a few weeks ago the boy decided he wanted to start baking (thanks to The Great British Bake Off), and he made his first cake.


We all decided that if we had cake, we might as well have tea. Actually some of us had tea, and some of us had coffee (that is a sure sign that they are growing up). Because it had been a while since we took the time to sit together with an afternoon treat, a warm drink, and some good books, some of us were very excited. Others were a little put out (another sign that they are growing up).


The girl decided to share some haikus to everyone. Haiku is a passion of her’s right now. She loves to read it and write it, and she enjoys learning about some of the early haiku poets. She recited some from her favorite book, The Art of Haiku.


The youngest boy read everyone some poems that he wrote while our dog Kingsley tried to eat the cake. He couldn’t understand why he was not invited to tea time.


And by the end of it, after all the cake and tea, the oldest boy was even having a good time. He recited The Jabberwocky, an old favorite of his, and even smiled for the camera.


One day I will probably look back on this time with joy and a little sadness. For one day soon they will be gone, living their own lives, doing their own thing, and I will wish them back. If only for a day, if only for a moment, I will want them around the table, laughing together, sharing poems together, and eating cake together, for it was a perfect moment in time.