A Month of Thanks – Day 6 and 7

I am thankful for the weekend, a time I can relax and not worry about much.

I am also grateful for the breaks I get on the weekend. The kids are out with their Dad today, and then they will spend time with their grandparents later. I love alone time, and I am forever thankful for it.



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A Month of Thanks – Day 5

I am thankful today for this:

and the books found at the N00KBook store.

After a long and somewhat trying day I am now cuddled in my bed (another thing I am forever thankful for), and I am reading Dracula for the first time ever. It really makes for a wonderful story this time of year. The air is cool outside, I am tucked in under many layers of blankets, and I am scared just enough to keep me reading. A perfect ending to a not-so-perfect day, and for that I am thankful.

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Wordless Wednesday – AKA Day 3 – A Month of Thanks

I’m thankful for living next to a nature preserve.

I love waking up to this view every morning

(so does the cat)

and seeing flowers in the fall.

I love warm weather, falling leaves

grassy fields for the dog to play in and

taking walks with just Tru and me.

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Day 2 – A Month of Thanks

I started a day late, so I am posting twice in one day. What else am I thankful for today? Well I am thankful for our newest member of our family, Kingsley.

My son Tru has wanted a dog since he was six-years-old. I know that because I saved something he wrote at that age, and in it he talks about the dog he wants. I said no for many years as I just couldn’t take on a puppy with three young kids. After five years I finally felt ready to get a dog.

We got Kingsley in August much against everyone’s advice. Nearly every member of my family and a few friends thought it was a terrible idea. They all had the same argument: dogs are time-consuming, expensive, smelly, and needy. I listened to everyone, and then I did what I always do, I made my own decision. And I decided it was time.


Kingsley with Tru on his first day with us.


The truth is Kingsley is all those things everyone warned me about. He is extremely smelly, very needy, and expensive! I call him my money pit, and since we got him he has broken his leg, gotten an infection in that leg, and now he has an infection all over his skin. We have been at the vet so often that everyone knows us, and I almost feel like it is my second home. But…

He has become a best friend to my children. They love him, and he adores them. He goes on walks with my daughter nearly everyday. He rough houses with the boys. He sleeps with everyone, and he comforts them all.

Yesterday Decca hit his head hard on the kitchen counter. He screamed, and before I could reach him, Kingsley was there, laying in his lap and licking his face. He stayed with Decca until he stopped crying, and it was a wonderful thing to see. For that I am thankful.


Kingsley laying with Decca as he works on math.




Day 1 – A Month of Thanks

Daisy over at I’m Nobody! Who Are You? has decided to find something to be thankful for everyday in the month leading up to Thanksgiving. I am going to join in and spend the next month being thankful. Yesterday marked the first day of the month before Thanksgiving, and the first day to find something to be thankful for.

Yesterday was my brother Jesse’s birthday. He is known as Tio Chuy to my kids, and he is  close to all of them, but he is especially close to my youngest son Decca.

Jesse is funny, annoying, and caring all at the same time. He is the big brother who pestered me my whole childhood. He use to have me hold his legs up while he sat on the couch watching cartoons, he gave me wet willies all the time, and he had no problem sharing all his bodily functions with everyone.

Jesse with my brother Harold before I was born. He wasn't too annoying yet because he had no younger siblings to pester.

When I found out I was pregnant I told my mom that I would be happy with any child, but I didn’t want to get a child with Jesse’s personality. Then I had Decca, and in many ways he was a clone of Jesse. They share looks and personality, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jesse and Decca are very close, and I am thankful for this relationship and for the time Jesse spends with the kids. He has helped Decca in his journey with selective mutism, and he led Decca down the path of being able to call me mutti. And for that I will always be thankful.

Jesse and me at my mom's studio