Random Musings for the End of the Week

Autry is getting so excited to start the school year!

I am trying to get everyone ready for the upcoming school year. Autry has all her school supplies, and we did the online registration for her at OCHSA. She has on campus registration in two weeks, and then she starts school the week after. She is so excited and can hardly wait!

MBTP Concept 4

I placed Decca’s order for Moving Beyond The Page. He will be using the 8-10 curriculum, and we will be starting with concept 4, exploration and survival. In addition to MBTP, he will be using Life of Fred for math, which he is looking forward to. I am also going to order Murderous Maths for him to read along with LoF. Decca wants to study Latin this year, but I haven’t picked out a program for him yet. I still am thinking about what he would like.

Tru’s school year is starting to take shape. For history and literature he will be working on a secular version of Sonlight Core H. For science he has chosen to use Middle School Chemistry, and then when that is over, we are going to study the brain using Ellen McHenry’s unit. Tru will study French this year with a Rosetta Stone/So You Really Want To Learn French combo, and for math he will use Life of Fred and Khan Academy. 

Speaking of Khan Academy, I can’t emphasize enough how great of a resource this is. I have researched math programs for months now, and I estimate the average price of a pre-algebra course is around $200.00. Khan Academy is free, and the instruction and exercises are wonderful. There are 2400 videos to watch and 125 practice exercises. My kids enjoy the videos, and they love working on the exercises because they can earn badges. I like that I can track their progress as their learning coach. Khan Academy is a wonderful resource, and I am surprised more homeschoolers are not taking advantage of it. 

Here is an overview of Khan Academy.

And this is a great talk by the founder of Khan Academy. 

Also this week the kid’s finished their film that they have been working on. I am impressed with how well it turned out.

Several people have asked me what camera and software did the kids use on this project. They used an HD Flip camera and iMovie to edit. I like iMovie for learning to edit, as it is very easy to learn. This year as Tru studies film more in-depth, I am going to have him learn Final Cut Pro. He will probably start working on that in a few months. One of his projects this year is going to be to make a film based on a historical figure or event he is learning about, and I will most likely have him edit this film on Final Cut Pro

Not much else going on around here. I did download Alice for the kids finally. The boys aren’t too interested, they would rather use Scratch, but Autry seemed to like it. I think she likes it because she can write stories within the 3D world she creates.  I haven’t explored it too much yet, but I think it is worthy to get, as it is free. I am not sure how much we will use it, but if your kids haven’t had much experience with a game making program they would probably like it.