Nature Is Calling

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The kids and I have been sick for nearly three weeks, and for much of this time we were all stuck in the house, not getting out much except to walk the dog and run to the store. I hate being cooped up, so it wasn’t the most enjoyable time for me (plus I was taking care of three sick kids).

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It was also incredibly cold, down to the thirties at night, for much of that time (cue the eye rolling of all the people who don’t live in warm-weather areas). Even if I had the energy to get outdoors it was just too cold for this wimpy Southern Californian.

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The last few days though it has been incredibly warm and beautiful. And the kids have been healthy, no more bronchitis keeping Decca up all night, no more emergency room visits, no more runny noses and irritability. It has been wonderful.

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Yesterday the kids and I took a long walk/scooter ride around the neighborhood, and this morning I woke up early to take Kingsley for a hike up a local hill.

photo (19)

After watching the inauguration today, the kids and I went down to the beach. It was so nice to take a long walk on the beach enjoying the warm sun and the cool water.

photo (11)

It made me feel so energized and happy, ready to tackle the week.

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