Back to Nature

Because of the holidays it seems that it has been forever since we had a good walk out in nature. I have missed that special time with the kids exploring the outdoors, so this morning I decided to take everyone down to the beach.

The boys were not to keen on the idea at first, but Autry was very enthusiastic about it.

She and I convinced the boys (actually I just told them to get in the car) that it would be a fun adventure, so we all piled in the car and headed down to Crystal Cove. It was a cloudy morning, a little chilly, but we had a wonderful time.

The kids allowed me to take some photos of them. Sometimes a mom with a camera can be very annoying (especially if you are 12).

Then we explored our surroundings, and everyone tried to find something interesting.

Tru found this stick that he wanted to use as a sling shot.

Autry and I loved this shell.

I thought this pod looked like a cool creature.

Decca explored the roots of this washed-up tree. He loved that there were rocks stuck in the roots.

It was such a beautiful morning at the beach.

  I am so happy that we made time to go.

Weekly Update

Some highlights from our week:

Tru made it through another week of Writing with Skill. I am amazed that he has been able to work through this for five weeks now without much trouble. It is great that we have finally found a strong writing curriculum that works for him.

A sample of his writing, with drawings of course.

Tru studied Africa in MBTP. He worked on his African map, and he began reading A Girl Named Disaster.

Reading in his sister's room.

Tru was able to do Rosetta Stone every day this week. I love to hear his French accent.

Relaxing while working on Rosetta Stone

He also had another golf lesson this week. He is taking what he is learning and teaching it to Decca. He is a great teacher!

At his golf lesson

Helping Decca with his follow through

Autry did a great job on an assignment in school this week, and I wanted to share it. She had to create a super hero and write about the hero. Her hero was Operetta, and her power is singing.

All about Operetta

Autry sang The Star Spangled Banner this week at an equestrian fair. She was nervous, but she did it. I was very proud!

She had fun at the fair. She even tried riding the bull!

I caught her warming up one day and taped it. She doesn’t think she sounds that great, but I disagree. I love to hear her warm-ups.

Decca at the beach. He is sporting another hand-drawn mustache. He is obsessed!

I don’t know why, but I don’t have many (actually I don’t have any) pics of Decca working on school this week. He went to homeschool PE, worked on math, continued reading Little House in the Big Woods, and drew tons of pictures and made some movies.

Also this week we managed to get out to Crystal Cove. The highlight of the day was Tru almost stepping on a rattle snake in the sand. Although there are many rattlesnakes at the park, we had never seen one in the sand so close to the beach. It was very cool! I only had my iPhone, so I didn’t get a great of a pic, but I thought I would share.

The snake in the sand

Decca set up a science lab.

The view never gets old.

The boys loved the little waterfall.

We spotted many small lizards. This one was maybe two inches.

And that is our week in review.

We Interrupt Our Summer Break For These Awesome Pics…

A beautiful evening at the beach

I know I just had this big post about closing the blog for summer, but then Tru and I went to the beach for an evening walk. I only brought my iPhone, and I hadn’t plan to take any pics, but then we saw a bobcat, some great waves, and a dead dolphin. The dolphin was washed up on shore, and seagulls were eating it. And the whole time I was hearing words in my head.  Words like educational, homeschool, field trip, food chain, etc…so I had to start taking pics. Then, of course, I just had to share, it is the blogger in me.

California Quail

The bobcat was right in front of us on the trail. He just stopped for a while and stared at us.

A crab in the tide-pool

Tru exploring the tide pools.

Dead dolphin - It was in great condition, although the birds were eating it. Tru and I wondered how it had died.

A close-up, the eyes were gone.

Beautiful surf

We had a wonderful time

Weekly Update

We continued our break this week, so we did not get to any formal academic work. We did however get out to some great places, and I am hoping to keep this up next week.

Monday – Disneyland – It was packed, but we still managed to have a great time. I took some pics of the kids learning at Disneyland to prove it can be educational. 🙂


Film Studies

Everyone enjoys watching the earliest Disney shorts.

Art Appreciation

California History


Tuesday – We went to my favorite beach, Crystal Cove State Park. The tide was low, so we explored. The kids were hoping to get in the water (they even brought their boogie boards), but it was too cold. I may need to get them some wet suits soon.


Wednesday – Homeschool choir, piano/voice lessons – This takes up most of our day, and by the time we are done everyone just wants to come home and do nothing.

Tru went golfing in the evening with his Grandpa.

Getting ready to swing

His follow through looks good.

Keeping score

Thursday – Bowers Museum – One of my favorite museums in Southern California. We spent a few hours there and had a great time.

Learning about California history

Looking at the ceiling, it was beautiful.


Autry looking at a black wedding dress.

Friday – Homeschool campus – The twins had science and then Autry had her art class. Tru was upset because his Lego class has been canceled. I need to sign him up for something new.


Autry's painting that she finished today in class.

Tomorrow my mom has an art show in Santa Monica, so the twins and I will be going to that.

And that is our week in review.