Summer Vacation

We have been on vacation for almost a month now. We drove cross-country from California to Indiana in four days, and we have been here ever since. We have been having a good time although it has been raining for much of our time here, so we haven’t been able to get outside as much as we liked. We have been having a few adventures though, which is always fun.

Our first stop was in Albuquerque, and we stayed at a wonderful historical hotel. It was originally a hospital for workers of the Atchison, Topeka, and  Santa Fe railroad. We were surprised to see a dog at the check in counter but she was so sweet. The kids will never forget Molly!

trip 1

Being homeschoolers we had to check out all the historical aspects of the hotel. There were several displays of items found during the renovation.



A final picture from our time at the hotel… the twins were trying their best to look vintage in this shot.

1011063_10151502486235922_1779532559_nAfter New Mexico we headed to Oklahoma via Texas. Decca had a great deal of anxiety on this leg of the trip because he had recently learned about Tornado alley, and he was sure we were going to run into a tornado. It didn’t help that we did run into a major dust storm in Texas that made it hard to see the road. We found a little tornado museum on the side of the road though, and he wanted to see it even though he is scared of them. I think he has a love/hate thing going on with tornadoes.



For our third night we made it all the way to New Harmony, Indiana. This is a wonderful little historical town in southern Indiana that we often stay at. The hotel room had aloft with a spiral staircase and it immediately became Decca’s favorite spot of the room. He asked me to take a photo of him where he was pretending to fall off of it.


I remember being a kid and staying at this hotel. We also had a loft room back then, and I remember being fascinated by the stairs. I love sharing the same memories with my own children.

After getting a good night sleep we woke up and explored the hotel and Historic New Harmony. First stop the giant chess board that Tru couldn’t wait to play a game on.

photo 2

Next we explored the roofless church which you can read about here.  It is a wonderful spot to sit quietly and take it all in. There is also a dome in the middle of it that houses a sculpture titled “The Descent of the Holy Spirit.”



photo 4

photo 5After we explored the town some more we headed up to Culver, Indiana to see my Grandma and my Uncle. Unfortunately my uncle is very ill with cancer and my mom and I wanted to see him before it was too late. This is why we didn’t take longer on our trip across the country.

We made it to Culver, and we had a nice cottage to stay in on the lake that is in my Aunt’s family. It just happened to be empty while we were there, so we were able to use it. It was so nice to be out of the car and to have a peaceful place to stay. There were thunderstorms most of our time there, which is another anxiety trigger for Decca, but the twins and I loved it. We also loved having deer in the yard in the morning and watching the sunset over the lake at night. Spending time with their great-grandmother was icing on the cake for them.


421819_10151507568850922_1353428823_n1005131_10151507933270922_1046783268_n1013452_10151509648255922_1417617091_nphoto 3(2)

After a few days we came up to my dad’s house, and we have been here ever since. The twins turned 14 here. How can they be 14?

1010662_10151511556735922_844518736_nWe had a nice little party for them with my dad, my brother Harold, and his family. Last year it stormed on their birthday and we had no power. This year it was sunny and beautiful.





Other happenings around here…we found two abandoned kitties living in a car. We captured them, nursed them back to health, and found them both homes. It was fun for all of us to have two little kitties for a while.



We had a  Fourth of July celebration with my brothers Jesse and Jim.






Of course Decca was standing by with a bottle of water in case of a fire. He did enjoy the fireworks this year though, as opposed to last year when he spent the entire time inside.


The next day we went to the dunes up at Lake Michigan to watch the fireworks with my brother Jimmy. This was an epic fail, as the twins would say, because we were too far away from the fireworks to really see them, but it was fun anyway.


We went to Chicago to Millennium Park to meet up with other students from the twin’s online Latin class. They had a blast meeting the kids and they all walked around Millennium Park for a short time while Decca and I explored. After that we all went out to eat to an Indian restaurant. It was a great day.


photo 2(2)






Other random shots from our time here –




photo 1(2)

Right now I am sitting in the dining room of my dad’s house. It is only 10 in the morning, but it is so dark out. A storm is rolling in bringing with it thunder and rain, which I love. The twins are sitting on the front porch waiting for it, Decca is by my side scared. The lights just flickered on and off, but later today it is going to be hot again. It is a typical summer day here and I am happy that we are here to enjoy it.

Before long we will be back in the car heading home. I am sure we will have some adventures on the way which I will have to blog about. Until then…