Creating Two Rooms out of One



The kids and I downsized a great deal when we moved in April. I wanted to simplify our lives, get rid of clutter, and pay less rent. Because of this we lost a good deal of square footage and I had to get creative with space.

One problem I faced was that my youngest son needed a bedroom, a space of his own, but in our new place we were short a bedroom. Our living room was a fairly large room though, so I decided to turn the space into a cozy living room and a bedroom for the boy.

It took me a few weeks of researching, purchasing, and rearranging to get a space I was happy with. I decided to use IKEA Billy bookcases to wall out our living room and to separate the two spaces.



I still needed a wall for the front of the boy’s space and decided to go with the Nomad system which I discovered online after days and days of searching. I am very happy with this product as it was easy to put up, works great, and is fun to look at. The boy loves it!


photo 1 (70)

We lined the back of the bookcases with removable wallpaper to make it a little nicer for the boy. He chose an ocean wave pattern in blue.


The boy and I really like the way everything turned out, and all of us are all surprised by how much more we like our smaller space.