In Search of the “Super Moon”

Hello people. This is Autry “guest blogging” because my mom is too lazy to sit here and write this post. Just kidding, yeah she just asked me to write it.

Anyway we had a wonderful time last night walking around our AMAZINGLY beautiful neighborhood. Mom had told us a few days before about the “super moon” when the moon was the closest to earth in a long time. I forgot exactly how long, sorry guys. But anyway I thought mom was a bit crazy when she dragged us out at early evening to look for the moon. Why would it be out when the sun hadn’t set yet? Looking back on it, this was a really AWESOME idea since we got to see the sun set and the moon rise! 🙂

May I just say that the whole time we were walking around I was thinking, OMG I’m really glad I live in this EXACT part of Orange County. Why I say this exact part is because not every place in OC is full of beautiful rolling hills and California wildflowers that bloom everywhere and green trees against the gray sky and real California wild grass that looks sort of like wheat and is a sort of purple color. We really live in the thick of all the nature things here. And I’m really glad about that. We live on the nature preserve and by the Turtle Rock and the rolling hills.

First mom dragged us around the back way around our house. The whole time Decca did annoying things (in my opinion) and almost ran into us multiple times on his scooter and told extremely bad jokes that are best not relayed over this blog.  Tru and I tried to make him stop to no avail, and then Tru found a giant stick and we fought over the stick. Then we did this limbo thing with the stick…not sure why. Finally Mom took us to climb the big hill near our house.

That’s when I turned around from the top of the hill and saw the sky going dark and pink at the center, like it was colored by a misty oil pastel. The sun was visible just below the trees as it sank beneath the horizon. I thought that was pretty awesome. But then it was gone and we still didn’t see the moon anywhere. I was starting to feel like this was all a rip-off or something…

Anyway we went back and grabbed Kingsley. By that point, the sky was completely dark. Mom took us to the Turtle Rock. I love this place because on clear nights we lay there by the rocks and look up into the sky. It makes you feel so small. We toyed around there and fought some more. But by this point I wasn’t really expecting to see the super moon.

That’s when I turned around, and I wasn’t even thinking about the moon anymore, and I saw this yellow pale sliver that looked to me a bit bigger than the sun from below the trees. Since it honestly looked yellow just then to me, it took me a while to realize that it was the moon, but when I did it just took my breath away.

“Look at that mom!!” I said.

We ran on to get a better look when we stopped by a big hill. The moon was just peeking out from above it, so I was wondering why we stopped here. Then I saw that the moon was so big you could see it rising. We stood there and watched it climb through the sky over the hill.

I was like “Whoa.”

Next we went over to the chapel on a college campus in the hills in hope of seeing it better from there. Kingsley and Mom and the boys and I lay there on the grass by the chapel and looked up at the moon. Decca and I wanted to stay there for ever because whenever we are out at night like this, taking walks and seeing amazing things, I feel so awesome and so close to everyone else. And with this may I just say that I am so glad to live here in the midst of all this beautiful nature.

7:30 on a Saturday Night

I originally sat down at my computer with the intention of writing a weekly update, but I have no energy to do that right now. Instead of writing all about our week and posting a ton of pictures, I thought I would just take a few shots of what everyone is doing right now. It is around 7:30 on a Saturday night, and here is what my artistic, creative, crazy, homeschooled kids (and dog) are doing.

Autry is editing a movie that she filmed today with a friend.

Tru is working on a Try X game with his Grandpa using Unity and Blender.

Decca is working on a comic called The Hamurai.

And Kingsley is being cute as always.

That is our Saturday night. Not much going on, but it is nice. I am trying to appreciate these quiet nights because I feel like things will change soon. The twins are going to be teenagers in less than a year, and I know they will be spending more and more time out of the house, which is normal. But until then I will savor these times and look back on them with happiness.