My Young Writer and his Blog

The boy has been writing Scooby Doo stories for years. When he was little they would be mostly pictures with a little writing, but over the years they have morphed into full-length stories. One of his goals is to be a published writer of Scooby Doo books, and to that end, he has finally decided to create a new blog where he can share his stories and drawings.

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He just started the blog this week, so there is only a few posts as of now. He has a short story, a picture, and a full story (over 50 pages) that can be downloaded as a PDF and read.

The boy is so excited about his new blog. He finally has a place where he can publish his work and see what happens. If you have a Scooby fan in your midst, please come on over to the Scooby Snacks Club and read his stories. Thanks.