Creativity Runs Wild

At TAD Town we often take breaks in our homeschool schedule when it is needed. Whether it is for an illness or just a mental break, I try not to stress if our schedule does not match a typical school schedule. After all a flexible schedule is one of the many benefits to homeschooling.

IMG_8212 2

This kid here was in need of a break from academics after a hard year of working. We called it a year in April, and he has been doing his own thing ever since. His days have been consisting of writing, audiobooks, cooking, mini-fig making, drawing, and song writing. Basically he has been using all his free time to be creative.

This is one of his songs that he wrote last month. Somehow the twins and I have gotten it stuck in our head, and we are all walking around the house singing “I Googled it. ” It has been very entertaining to us.

And this is a sped up video of one of his digital art works he did. The boy is starting to become very interested in working on his drawing skills especially on the computer.

Here is another picture he did.


The boy has also discovered the world of custom Lego minifig making. This, along with baking, has been his primary area of pursuit these last 6 weeks. He has been watching how-to videos on the process and then perfecting it on his own. The only thing he needed for this was Sculpey, acrylic paints, different sizes of paint brushes, and toothpicks. The process of him learning how to do this has been very interesting to see. Boiling Sculpey mini-figs in my kitchen was not something I ever envisioned doing, but it has been fun to see the boy work so hard on a project.



We have also been baking quite a bit together. I will admit every time he sends me a complex recipe online I am not exactly thrilled about it. I don’t find the joy in baking that he does, but once we start cooking in the kitchen I do find joy in being with him in the moment. Baking brings him so much joy, and it is wonderful to see that.


Basically he has been having a wonderful mental break these last six weeks or so. We will most likely start up with academics again sometime in June. I know when we get back to it he will be ready for our routine and excited to be back in the swing of things. But in the meantime the boy is also enjoying his free time, time where he can follow his passions and work on all things creative.

Creative Learning with an iPad

photo (55)

I am constantly amazed at what a great tool the iPad is for homeschooling. It is also wonderful for creative and gifted students. My kids all received an iPad mini for Christmas, and it is the single most used item in our homeschool now. It is perfect for watching videos, taking online classes, reading books, using as a whiteboard, listening to music, writing notes, and much more.

I want to highlight how all my kids use their iPad, and this week I am focusing on Autry. She is musical and motivated by creating and sharing, and I think her favorite apps reflect this.


One of her favorite apps is GarageBand . She loves to record vocals and her ukulele playing then add other tracks. The pic above is from a song she is currently working on. Sometimes she uses the music for a movie she is editing, other times she shares a song she made on SoundCloud. Whatever she does, GarageBand is a great, creative outlet for her.


Another app that she uses quite often is Pages. Autry loves to write and to illustrate her books. She utilizes Pages for her writing, and she imports her drawings from SketchbookPro, another app that she loves. I am impressed by how easy these apps are to use, and how professional the finished product looks.


Autry also enjoys blogging  (she gets that from me) about her life, her friends, and her music. She uses the WordPress app for her blogging needs. She is able to take pictures on her iPad, edit them using Camera+, and then import them right into WordPress. She then adds her text and any other media she wants and then she is done, no computer needed at all.