Sunday Morning Here at TAD Town or Why is it so Hard to Get the Kids Out the Door to Church?

Decca decided to lay down on the edge by the door instead of walking out said door.

I remember being little and having to get ready for Church on Sunday morning and not enjoying the ritual. I had three older brothers who really did not want to go to Church on a Sunday morning, and I joined in with their complaints mostly because they were much older than me, and I just did everything they did.

Now that I am older and have kids I have come to the conclusion that every kid (at least all the kids in my family)does not like having to get ready for church. They are really put out by it, and  I am not quite sure why. Maybe it is because it is Sunday morning, a weekend for goodness sake, and they do not want to have to get up and get dressed on Sunday. Maybe it is the clothes that must be worn to church. Maybe it is in the kid’s code book that they must make Sunday morning as difficult as possible for the adults or else they have failed at being a kid. Whatever it is, Sunday mornings are always an adventure around here.

For some reason in the midst of me trying to get them out the door they decided to pretend Tru was a king and bring him gifts. I am not sure why...

Of course Autry spent a good deal of the morning taking pictures of herself. This is a must for any 12-year-old girl.

Then Decca got in on the act.

And they goofed around for a while.

Tru spent the morning sitting down here. He literally didn't move from this spot for an hour. I thought he was glued there.

See, here he is ten minutes later

And ten minutes later.

Finally it was time to go. Tru got up and allowed me to take a picture of him with his Grandma. Aren’t they cute?

I got Decca out the door, but in one last-ditch effort to stall the progress I made he decided to grab the broom and act like Harry Potter.

Finally he was ready with his shoes on waiting for everyone else. Then my mom and the twins got out.

And what about me? Why do I look forward to Sunday morning so much? Because my mom takes the kids to church most Sundays, and I get two hours of complete peace and quiet. Two glorious hours all to myself, and I love it. It makes the crazy morning, the kids turning my home into complete chaos, worth it.