Writing – A Family Affair

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The kids have been writing stories together lately, which is pretty awesome. The twins started working on a story first using Google Drive, and they seem to enjoy this format. One will write a few lines, then the other will add to it. If someone doesn’t like what the other writes, the two will debate it, and then revisions take place. Soon Decca joined in.

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The kids don’t consider it writing. To them it is a game, a game they have named and written down the rules too. It’s a collaborative game they play, and it turns into a story at the end. They create pictures and character background info. They choose a setting for the story. They grammar check and spell check each other’s work.

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The rules to this game are simple. Each person can only write down four sentences at a time, nothing crazy is allowed  (I think this rule was added when Decca joined in), and you have to take turns. The kids tell me that it improves their story-writing skills and their spelling. They also say it is fun. So much fun that they seem to spend a great deal of their free time lately writing.

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Writing on their computers, writing using Google Drive, writing as a family. Editing and spell checking each other’s work. Being critics to each other, discussing ideas with each other.

I love this “game” that they created. I love when learning happens naturally.