Thoughts on a Rainy Friday


We had a beautiful day here on Friday, beautiful at least in our opinion. It was rainy, cold, and foggy, just the way the kids and I like it. We decided to get out in the rain and enjoy it. And we did.


The whole time though my thoughts were with another family who lives near us. A family who had a very talented thirteen-year-old boy who attended OCHSA and was a friend of Autry’s. He passed away Wednesday night from a brain aneurysm. My heart breaks for his family and for all the young kids who lost him as a friend. These kids have never been touched by death so closely, and it is hard to see them go through this. It is a reminder that life is fleeting, and we should enjoy every minute of it. Even the mundane parts of it, like walking in the rain.

Monday 1:30 p.m.

The kids have just finished up an hour of quiet time in their rooms. I love quiet time, and so do the kids. We each get a much-needed break, and then we are ready to get back to work. Now at 1:30 Tru is reading on the couch with Kingsley.

He is reading Life of Fred for pleasure.

Autry is in her room reading.

She is reading Three Cups of Tea. Notice what she worked on during quiet time.

And Decca is at the computer.

Decca is working on math on Time4Learning.

I am picking up the house a little while the kids are working independently. I just peeked my head into the boy’s room to see what they had been playing with during quiet time. I find all of Decca’s Mr Potato Heads out.

I am not sure what they were playing.

I think this is the bad guy.

Or maybe this guy?

Tru told me the other day that he is starting to get bored with some of his toys and the games he plays with Decca. He said he can tell he is getting older, and that is making him sad. It makes me a little sad too. I thought about this as I looked at all their toys, and I just had to take a few pictures. Someday soon, these toys will no longer be all over the room, and I just want to appreciate it while I can.