High School Reflection

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We have made it through the first three months of our first year of high school, and it has been going wonderfully. Last year was a trial run, and it was a disaster (primarily because of health issues my daughter was experiencing). I was worried this year might have been a repeat, but to my pleasant surprise, it has not been. I have been counting my blessings with this year, these kids, their curriculum, and their classes. I am thankful for so much, and being that it is November, it seemed like an appropriate time to go over exactly what it is I am thankful for.

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1. I am thankful that we found out what was wrong with my daughter, and we were able to fix it. It is not fun being sick, nor is it fun being a parent to someone who feels so bad. I am happy that she is starting to feel better, I am thankful that she is enjoying her days, and I am grateful she is engaged in her work.

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2. I am thankful that the twins have a wonderful support group. They belong to a wonderful gifted group, they have a great group of friends and teachers at church, they have wonderful online teachers, and they have family that are very supportive of all they do. One week my mom is giving them an art lesson, another week we are camping with our gifted group, and another week they are up in LA at Griffith’s Observatory with group leaders from church. They are engaged with others, they are learning from others, and they are experiencing so much. I am grateful for that.

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3. I am thankful that I made good choices in regards to the curriculum they are using and the classes they are taking. They don’t love everything, but they don’t hate any of it either. For the most part they find their work interesting and engaging, and what they aren’t crazy about (I’m looking at you Biology), they tolerate because they know it is necessary. This leads me to the next thing on my list.

4. I am thankful they are older, have goals, and know what is necessary to get to the next stage in life. Homeschooling really does become easier when the student takes responsibility for their future. Of course, ultimately I am responsible for their education, but now that they have their own aims, they are just as invested in their education as me.

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5. Finally I am thankful for the twins. They are truly great kids, and often I wonder how I got so lucky with them. They are well-behaved, intelligent, funny, creative, responsible, sweet….I could go on and on. They are not perfect, but they are perfect to me. I have enjoyed these last few months with them, and I look forward to the next few years.


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