Decca’s Fifth Grade Plan

Decca is a very creative learner who needs to be constantly challenged or he will tune out. Knowing this I have picked out materials that I think will keep him engaged and interested in the work. Most of these choices he used last year or the year before, so I know they fit his learning style.

Moving Beyond the Page

His main curriculum is Moving Beyond the Page for ages 10-12. Decca had previously used the 7-9 and 8-10 levels, and he loved both the books and the work. Last year I decided to try something different, but this year we are back. There is nothing else I have found that has matched my creative, gifted learner as perfectly as Moving Beyond the Page. He has already started the first unit, and he is happy to be working through it again.


Moving Beyond the Page covers language arts, science, and social studies, so it is a very complete curriculum.  Decca is a language arts nut though, so I have decided to add more studies to his year. We used Bravewriter’s Arrow last year, and we are using it again this year. A subscription to the Arrow is for the whole year, and it comes with ten issues for ten books. I like the selection of the books this year, as many of them are books Decca would not have read on his own. He finished the first book, The Lemonade War,
in two days and is now working through the work in the Arrow. I find these issues to be a nice supplement to his MBTP studies.

I have also decided to add in Latin this year. Decca will be using Latin for Children through Thinker’s Cap Academy. He has only just begun this, and although it is not his favorite part of the day, he does do the work without complaints.


For math we are sticking with the same materials as last year, Life of Fred and Beast Academy. Life of Fred and Beast Academy are the only math programs I have found that keep him interested and engaged in the work. Math will never be his passion, but with these programs he almost forgets that. I will also have him work through some apps on the iPad, as he always has fun doing that.

In addition to his formal work, he is going to continue working on his writing, his scratch projects (click here to see his latest game Life of a Gumball),  and his graphic design work. He is also taking piano.

I have to admit that I spent all summer worrying about the twins and their high school year. I spent very little time thinking about Decca’s year, and I didn’t order any curriculum for him until last week (and some this week). I am pleasantly surprised at how well this has turned out though. I may just leave planning to the last-minute again next year!

A New Year – A Fresh Start

photo (2)

Many of you know that although I was so happy to have Autry come home from school in October, I was not prepared to adding her into our day. Because she and Tru are very different students with very different interests she couldn’t just pick up what he was doing. Also I found that even though she had only been in school for a little over a year, she needed some deschooling time to switch her gears from a public school mentality back to a homeschool mentality. Because of all of this we didn’t do too much academic work over the last few months of the year.

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I spent much of that time thinking about what we would do in the new year. I wanted to incorporate their interests and meet my goals in a fun, creative, and engaging way. Two of my children are creative learners, my other is a deep thinker. I needed to come up with a plan to meet all their needs without going crazy with all the materials. I also wanted to have plenty of time in our week for lessons, nature walks, fields trips, and doing nothing at all.

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Today was our first day back to work, and it went better than I expected, especially considering that two of us have a terrible cold. It wasn’t perfect (is it ever?), but it was fairly close. When I get feeling a little better I hope to make a post about our new curriculum choices and resources we are using.