Disneyland Hotel – A Review

As most of my readers know I took the kids to Disneyland for my youngest son’s birthday. We live very close to Disneyland, and although most of the time that we go to Disneyland we don’t stay overnight, sometimes we enjoy spending a few days there in a hotel. When that happens we always stay at The Grand Californian, which is a wonderful hotel with a beautiful lobby and a great location.

This time I thought we would try something different and stay at the Disneyland Hotel. The hotel had gone through a major renovation a while back, and I thought it would be worth a stay to see what it was like. The last time I stayed there was when I was a teenager, and I remember not being very impressed. I thought it was time to try it again.

The highlight of our stay was the newly renovated rooms. They were very well done and spacious. Our room had two queen beds and a sofa that converted to a twin bed. Between the bed and the sofas there was plenty of room for spreading out. In addition there was many Disney touches throughout the room which the kids loved. From the wooden panel over the bed that lit up and played music to the Mickey lights in the bathroom it really made our stay in the hotel magical and added to the birthday celebration.

The panel above the beds.

One of two lights in the bathroom

There was plenty of room for a birthday!

There are three towers at the Disneyland Hotel, and there isn’t much space in the lobby of the main tower or in any of the other two towers. The hotel lobby was nice, although it was very small. It had some great Disney memorabilia¬† and teacup chairs near the guest registration area. There was also two little Disney stores in the main tower. I enjoyed all the little details, but I missed the grand lobby of the Grand Californian. I love having an area to hang out in and people-watch, and I was sorely disappointed by this.

Goofing off in the teacup chair.

One of the great vintage posters found in the main tower of the Disneyland Hotel.

Tru studying an old sketch of Disneyland.

The pool area at the hotel was the other area I was very disappointed with. The pool area was crowded and the water was extremely cold. It took us nearly twenty minutes to find a place to sit, and we were lucky with that. Many people were walking around for a long time trying to find a lounge chair to sit on. And the water, don’t get me started on the water. My youngest son jumped in the pool, and then got right out again because it was so cold. The twins stayed in the water, but after twenty minutes they were so cold their teeth were chattering. The crazy thing is that it was a fairly hot day, but the water was so cold. For the amount Disney charges for a stay you would think they would warm the pools.

The slides at the pool are in a monorail theme.

Overall we had a great time at the Disneyland Hotel. I loved the rooms and felt all five of us fit in there nicely. The small details were great. I did miss a large lobby and a decent pool experience. I also missed the warmth of The Grand Californian. I am conflicted about where to stay next time we go. I love the experience of The Grand Californian but I love the rooms of the Disneyland Hotel.

Outside the Disneyland Hotel on the way to Downtown Disney.


The kids and I have been enjoying ourselves at Disneyland the past few days. We are here celebrating Not Back To School Days through SHEA. One of the great things offered at the conference is Y.E.S. classes. Yesterday the twins took the animation class. They learned the history of animation, and they learned to make a kineograph. They also received a drawing lesson, and watched Turtle Talk with Crush. Overall it was a great class, and the kids hope to come back next year and take more.