You may have noticed that I have been missing around here. With two teens off to college in the fall and my youngest starting his high school years I just haven’t had as much to blog about in regards to homeschooling. I also have been busy starting a new business.

I do want to let everyone know about this business as I am very excited about it. It is called Simplify and it provides homeschool and college counseling.  My great friend Suji and I started Simplify in the hopes of helping other families who need support homeschooling or with the college application process for their homeschool students. I am most excited at the prospect of helping families who have turned to homeschooling as a last resort and who need specific help to get started.

We are also expanding Simplify in the hopes of having experienced and enthusiastic homeschool consultants all across the country. This week we brought on another wonderful consultant, Farrar Williams, who is based in Washington D.C.. You can read all our bios here to learn more about us.

And if you would like to follow Simplify we are on Facebook and Twitter. If you know anyone who could benefit from our services please pass on our information. And if you are interested in becoming a consultant with us and are located in the Southern US, Southwestern US, or Europe please email us at All our consultants must have 7+ years homeschool experience and have a presence online. It is also helpful to have carved out a special niche in the homeschool community and/or have an educational background.


Looking ahead I do hope to have time to share my youngest son’s journey through homeschooling high school. He is such a creative and passionate teen that I do feel I will have plenty to blog about. I am just finishing up his yearly plan for the next year and as soon as it is finalized I will try to post it here.