About High School

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The twins are getting closer and closer to high school, that most dreaded time in a homeschool parent’s life. I put off thinking about it for most of this school year, but the time has come when I need to figure out exactly what we will be doing next fall. We have many choices, but I have yet to figure out which one is the right choice for us.

Choice 1 – Send them off to high school.

We actually live right next door to one of the best high schools in the country. It would be so easy to enroll them and send them on their way.

Pros – 1. The school is close to us. 2. It has very strong academics, including a great science department. 3. The kids would be with kids they know. 4. They offer Latin. (Yay!)

Cons – 1. The twins would most likely be stressed for the next four years. 2. The competition is fierce at this school. 3. Homework would take up most of their time. 4. They would be getting a public education that I feel lacks in many areas, even at the best of schools.

Choice 2 – Enroll with a distance learning school for homeschoolers.

I was thinking about Clonlara or Oak Meadow.

Pros – 1. The high school years are mapped out for you. 2. The students receive an accredited diploma when they are finished. 3. Credit given for learning done in a non-traditional way (Clonlara).

Cons – The biggest is cost, especially since I will have two to enroll. Also I wonder if a service like this is necessary.

Choice 3 – Homeschool high school on our own. I would map out a high school plan with the twins, pull all the resources together,  grade their work, and create transcripts for them.

Pros – 1. Education plan would take in their interests and their strengths. 2. They would use the best resources available to them. 3. Work on our own schedule (making travel much easier). 4. More free time for outside interests, such as choir and astronomy. 5. Time to take numerous classes at the community college for dual credit.

Cons – 1. This can get expensive, especially with AP classes and community college classes. 2. Huge time commitment for me. 3. Stressful for me as I worry about doing everything correctly, especially the transcripts.

Choice 4 – Unschool the next two years then have them take the proficiency test. Following this they would go to community college at 16. This would allow them to transfer to a four-year college at 18 as juniors.

Pros – 1. They could develop their passions. 2. Graduate school early and begin their college career. 3. Very little stress for me as I would not be responsible for transcripts or making sure they are meeting all the requirements.

Cons – 1. They would have to be ready for community college at 16. 2. The cost of community college classes. 3. Not as many scholarships available to transfer students.

So there it is, all of our choices.  The twins and I both need to spend some time thinking everything over and coming up with a plan. I’ll let you know what we decide. Hopefully it won’t take us too long to decide.