3rd Grade Math

I struggled last year in finding a math program that Decca liked. This year I have been able to put together some great resources for third grade math, and I am happy with what we are using. The great thing is Decca is happy too, and I think the reason for this is that he is working with math that he finds challenging, interesting, and fun.

He starts his math time by working on the iPad with Splash Math. He does this for ten minutes a day, and I like it because it covers everything found in a typical scope and sequence for third grade. Basically it is an easy way to assure he touches on all the standards for his grade. This isn’t Decca’s favorite part of the day, but he does tolerate it.

Following Splash Math Decca and I will work through a few problems in ¬†Singapore’s Challenging Word Problems.

I had an old copy of this sitting around from when the twins were younger, and I pulled it out at the start of school on a whim. I was not sure whether Decca would like working through the problems, but he loves them. Some of them are quite hard, but I think that is why he likes doing them.

A sample of his work in Challenging Word Problems

In addition to these two resources I am also going through Dr Wright’s Kitchen Table Math Book 2.¬†

I was slightly disappointed when I first looked at this book because it seemed boring and dry to me. Working through it though, I have come to like it. The book teaches concepts needed for a strong foundation for upper level math. Ideas for math games and activities, often using manipulatives, are included, and this approach makes learning math fun and hands-on.

A lesson from Kitchen Table Math

Finally we are also working through Life of Fred elementary math books. Right now, as we are making are way through the first four books, the material is mostly review. However Decca is learning some new skills, such as telling time and spelling the days of the week and the months of the year. He has also learned about Archimedes and Virgil’s Aeneid. I love all the extra material there is in Life of Fred that I wouldn’t want to skip any of the books, even if it seems a little easy on the surface.

A page from LoF Butterflies

That is our 3rd grade math. I may add more resources as the year progresses, but for now we are both happy with what we got, and for that I am so thankful.