This Week on Netflix…

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Ever have one of those weeks in which your children watch a good deal of tv? We are in the midst of one of those weeks right now. Luckily just as I was starting to feel somewhat bad about the whole situation Julie Bogart at Brave Writer (whose writing curriculum I love) made an excellent post on Facebook that put it all in perspective for me. It follows:


Brave Writer
Television is not the evil beast you might think. Vocabulary development is one of its charms. When your kids watch TV, they get to listen to words written by professional writers, expressed by professional actors, designed to achieve the maximum effect through their acting so that there is NO mistaking of meaning.
What that means is that your kids are getting *the most effective* lesson in contextual vocabulary development you could possibly offer them. The language is designed to move plot forward, reveal character, make an audience laugh, or show off the writers’ mastery of vernacular, slang, pop culture references, academic terms, and other linguistic tropes.
Watch all kinds of TV—from news shows to sit coms, documentaries to Public Television shows. Play with lines, quote them, make them your friends. You don’t have to be a slave to television, but you can certainly make use of its unique benefits without a hint of guilt!
Oh how I am so glad I follow Brave Writer on Facebook. Not only do I receive great advice, I am also relieved of any homeschool guilt I may have. Now that I don’t feel guilty I can share what we have been enjoying this week.
First there has been Merlin, Merlin and more Merlin. The kids, especially the twins, are in a huge Merlin phase right now.
Then there has been Drive-Thru History which has recently become available on Netflix.
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And Foyle’s War (which is not for the youngest child of the house)
More television… The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes thanks to one grandmother.
Clue Club has been discovered by Decca
Along with The New Shmoo.
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And would it surprise anyone if I said there has also been some Lord of the Rings on this week?
On YouTube the kids and I all enjoyed this excellent lecture on Tolkien, Lord of the Rings, and languages.
And we are still feeling the love for Crash Course Biology. The most recent one we watched was on Mitosis.
I had to add the last two videos in there because I was feeling guilty again. See there was some educational viewing going on this week! Wait, I shouldn’t feel any guilt, after all the kids were developing their vocabulary, and they were having a great time while they did it!