Homeschool Monday – Drab


The boy is reading The People of Sparks with his Moving Beyond The Page work, and today he had to define the word drab and then illustrate it in a small box. I decided to turn this into a bigger project, and I had him draw a drab picture and then a bright picture. He had to choose the colors to work with and he was allowed to draw whatever he wanted. There were no rules except for one had to be drab and dull, and the other had to be bright and vibrant.

He didn’t spend very long on his pictures, but he seemed to enjoy drawing them. Of course, being who he is, the pictures were of monsters.


Autry got in on the act too. She loves to draw, and if someone is working on something creative, she is never far behind.



Where was Tru while these two were drawing? Why he was in his room doing Algebra 2 for the second time today.


And he was happy about it.