A Day at the Beach


The kids and I spent today at the beach, and we had a wonderful time.


We have been working hard on school all week, and I woke up this morning feeling a very strong need for a day out. I guess I needed to re-charge my batteries, which we all need to do from time to time.

photo (79)

My mom has a studio in Laguna Beach, so we dropped her off at her studio and went down to the shore (she joined us later). It was foggy and a little cold, but it was relaxing.

Exploring the rocks and caves, listening to the crashing waves, watching the tide come in, posing for pictures…it all made for a fabulous day.

photo (81)

photo (80)

photo (74)


photo (82)

photo (78)

photo (73)


I appreciate days like this, carefree days with the kids and my mom. Days were we make memories, enjoy the nature around us, and re-charge our spirit.

This Week at TAD Town

We are reading…


Escape from Hat  which we all love. It makes a great read-aloud if you are looking for one.


The kids and I are also enjoying Classic Poetry. There are some wonderful poems in this book, and we have been relishing looking up our favorites on You Tube to see if we can find a good reading of them.

Here is “The Destruction of Sennacherib” by Lord Byron.

And O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman

Decca and I have been studying onomatopoeia, and we found this short video on You Tube explaining it. It is geared toward younger kids, but he got a kick out of it.

Today is Fred Rogers birthday. I grew up on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, as did the kids. We all look back on the shows with nostalgia now. In honor of his birthday, here is a remix of the show called The Garden of Your Mind. Enjoy!



There are many benefits to homeschooling, such as individualized learning, working at your child’s own pace, close sibling relationships, following one’s interest, and (Tru’s favorite) sleeping in. The biggest benefit though, in my opinion, is time.

Time to take an early morning jog with my teenage daughter and discuss everything and anything.

photo (2)

Time to take my teenage son out to lunch and have a philosophical discussion about physics, astronomy, and video games.


Time to take my youngest son out everyday on his scooter to enjoy the nature in the neighborhood.

photo (3)

Time to enjoy a beautiful sunset following a gorgeous rain storm that we all took a walk in.

photo (4)

Time for the kids to be kids. Time for this parent to enjoy every minute of it. Time for learning together and playing together. Time to make memories before they are grown and out of the house.

Time, another wonderful benefit of homeschooling, and one that I will forever be thankful for.

Weekly Report

It is great to be nearing the end of the school year. Tru is done with his state testing, and this always seems to mark the beginning of the end for us. We begin to wind down and go into summer mode. This year we will be learning all through summer, but we do switch gears. Mostly we will do some math, Latin, and reading. Everything else will start back up in August.

Time For Kids: Rosa Parks: Civil Rights Pioneer

This week Tru continued learning about America in the 1950’s. He is studying about the culture of the 50’s, and he is learning about the civil rights movement. We read a biography on Rosa Parks that was very interesting, and we read about Martin Luther King Jr. It has been a great week in history.

Tru continued with Life of Fred Fractions and Singapore Math. He should be finished with both books sometime this summer. He is still enjoying Life of Fred, and I am sure he will work through this series until the end.

Tru has finished all his Language Art books for the year, so he is spending his time watching all the grammar videos on BrainPop and doing the worksheets and quizzes that they have. Decca watches the BrainPop videos with him, as they are so much fun. To see a free video on main idea click here.

My mom found a great book to read to Tru, and they are both enjoying it immensely. I haven’t read it yet, but I thought I would recommend it to everyone based on their enthusiasm. The book, by Ted Bell, is called
Nick of Time, and it is an action adventure book that takes place in England in 1939.  The character, Nick, and his sister Katie live in a lighthouse on one of the channel islands. The book includes a time machine, a sail boat, and Nazis. Very exciting indeed!

Decca has been working hard on his school this year. He is on lesson 22 in Math U See, and is almost done with his Singapore 1B book. He moved on to Explode the Code 5 which he likes better than the ETC4, so I am happy about that. He has discovered a new series of books he loves and is reading them with my mom. It is called The High-Rise Private Eyes, and it seems to be a little more challenging to read than his other books. I am happy he has discovered it!