Teen Book Club 2015-2016


The twins are running a book club over at SEA Homeschoolers. If you have a teen who would be interested in joining an asynchronous discussion with fellow homeschooled teens, please consider joining SEA. After joining your teen can sign up for the book club which is run through Google groups.

The book club will begin in September and run through May 2016. You can see the book choices here. The first book up will be Frankenstein, and the teens will begin discussing it in September.

Sketches from the Girl

The girl has been spending a good deal of time sketching lately. It seems her art class has spurred on a new interest in drawing. I flipped through her sketch book today and wanted to share a few of her drawings.

photo 3 (27)

photo 1 (33)

photo 2 (32)

 I love seeing her work because they remind me a great deal of my brother’s work when he was young, especially this one of Tru.


I myself have no drawing ability at all. When I was little I thought I was adopted because all of my brothers could draw but I couldn’t. It didn’t quite seem fair to my younger self, but now I can say with 100% certainty that I wasn’t adopted. Looking at my daughter’s drawings proves it to me. 🙂

Weekly Update


My youngest had an off week this week. Monday morning started off strong with him beginning a new unit in Moving Beyond the Page (The Wanderer). He plowed through a few lessons in Life of Fred Fractions and he started his new weather unit. Monday afternoon we went to park day with our homeschool group.

guitar 010

He didn’t seem to have the best time there and when we got home he was done with anything school related.  He was a little sunburn and very tired.

Tuesday he was still feeling tired and unmotivated. He worked a little on weather, reading, and math. He also practiced piano and then we called it a day.

Wednesday he went to piano and had a fairly productive lesson. He also worked for a while on his Latin. It was a review week so he knew all the material which made for an easy time. Also on Wednesday I took him outside to run around and play which was fun for both of us.


Thursday he went to the studio with my mom to paint. He finished a painting while there.

photo (53)

He painted this while at the studio.

The rest of the day was not too productive.  He did get a little work done in Moving Beyond the Page. Thankfully he liked the assignment, which had to do with finding your writing voice. The assignments in Moving Beyond the Page never seem like busy work which makes him more engaged and apt to finish. We also completed this fun art project on Thursday.


Today he has the day completely off. He needed the break, which I understand. Sometimes being 10 can be hard and sometimes being a kid can be hard. He was in need of some down time, so my mom took him to her house for a couple of days, and he was so happy to go.

photo (49)

The twins working out. They go to a trainer once a week.

The twins, on the other hand, had a great week this week. Their first year of high school is working out so amazingly well that I am almost afraid to write about it in fear of jinxing our good luck.

guitar 004

Early Monday morning, working on French

On Monday they finally started their French class, which is an online class. It is a live class that meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:00 am. The first day of class I had to drag Tru out of bed to get him signed in on time. He is not a morning person, so it was quite a production to get him out of bed. Once awake though he loved the class, as did Autry. Their teacher is funny which is the best possible trait a teacher who works with teens can have. He is also quite knowledgeable which makes me happy.

After working through French, math, and history we all went to the park for our homeschool group. The twins hung out with the other teens and then after a few hours they had a group guitar lesson. This was their first lesson and again they both enjoyed it. We tried the first class without a commitment but now we are committed for the year. It is a group lesson in the park that meets twice a month for an hour. This makes it easy to add to our schedule and the practicing only takes about twenty to thirty minutes a day which is manageable for both kids.

guitar 013

Tuesday they started their day in Laguna working out with a trainer. They do this once a week to help build their core muscles and improve their balance.

photo (50)

After their session all the kids like to stop in at a local coffee shop for some tea and croissants. Then we spend some time walking around the town and sometimes the beach.

photo (52)

After our morning the twins came home and did a typical day of school. Their daily work includes biology, algebra (1 and 2), English 1, french, astronomy, piano, and history. Their days are long now that they are doing high school work. Tuesday they worked until 5:00.


Wednesday and Thursday  was more of the same. French class in the morning on Wednesday, a full day of school until around 5:00. Autry also had piano on Wednesday and choir on Thursday. The twins also made their own painting on Thursday.


Today the twins had French in the morning, completed math, and then they completed a biology lab. They are working on growing protozoa and also practiced making hanging drop mounts. I don’t remember biology lab being so heavily focused on microscope work when I was younger, but it seems like today that is the main focus (at least so far) in biology.



 Because Decca is not here today, the twins and I took some time off and went out to eat and then to the costume store. We are hosting a costume party in October and we wanted to get some ideas for what to be. Everyone has to come dressed up as either a historical character or a literary character. Autry has decided to be Marie Antoinette. Tru isn’t sure what he wants to be yet. He was thinking about going as Abraham Lincoln but he didn’t like any of the costumes for Lincoln. If we can put together a Lincoln costume on our own I think that is what he will go as.


Photo copyrighted and in care of the website Take Back Halloween.

I am also not sure of what to dress up as. I have been pouring over this great site, and I am getting some wonderful ideas. I appreciate a site that has costumes that my daughter can view without any weird sexual overtones. If you are looking for some costume ideas for yourself or your teen daughter make sure to check it out.

As I finish this update I am sitting on my living room floor watching Midsommer Murders, a favorite around here lately. Tru is in his room working on the credits to a game he finished today. Autry is in her room writing a song. Every so often she runs out here to play something on the piano, then runs back to her room to write it down. It is so quiet here, and already I am missing the noise of my youngest. By the time he comes home Sunday morning I will be ready for his non-stop talking. Until then I am enjoying the peace.